transfer money from one bank to another instantly

  AL47 13:16 04 Jul 2009

how can i do this

i cannot find one of my debit cards [where i have most of my money] and nee access to it, [for shopping etc] this week,

is there a way to get money from one bank to another instantly ovr the phone or by wire transfer etc?

  newman35 13:27 04 Jul 2009

Can ask for a CHAPS transfer - usually a charge of about £30, I think.

  AL47 13:32 04 Jul 2009

thanks for the reply, i just found it, just makes you aware how important that little bit of plastic is

gonna split some money between the two on monday, i always thought you could do it online but obviously not!

  OTT_Buzzard 13:34 04 Jul 2009

If you use online banking, money transfers tend to be almost immediate now.

  AL47 13:39 04 Jul 2009

i checked i couldnt do it between banks only within the bank,

btw, seeing as its the weekend, is it safe to deposit money into an atm?

  OTT_Buzzard 13:43 04 Jul 2009

i checked i couldnt do it between banks only within the bank

Really? Sounds unusual.....

If i've understood your situation, you are saying that your bank won't allow to transfer funds to an account at another bank?

  AL47 13:45 04 Jul 2009

yeah i cant see how to do it if i can, there must be a way right?

its naionwide

  OTT_Buzzard 13:47 04 Jul 2009

Time to give them a call me thinks.....

Faster Payments (a system set up a year or so ago) should allow you to transfer funds to your other account with a different bank pretty well instantly.

  Grey Goo 13:53 04 Jul 2009

Nationwide are one of the Banks that do this according to this.
click here

  AL47 13:55 04 Jul 2009

click here

this is their help page, i cannot find anything about external transfers, this is why i got a shock today, i thought it was a pretty simple process!

  Grey Goo 13:58 04 Jul 2009

You obviously need at least 2 accounts at different Banks, but if you set up a new payee on each account then funds should transfer almost instantly. If I shove some lolly from HSBC to Tesco it is there within minutes even though it says, "within 2 hours"

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