Train Toilets

  interzone55 08:54 27 May 2008

I can't remember what got us onto this subject, but last night we were discussing train toilets.

I've not used a train for years, so I don't know if the signs are still there, but there used to be a warning about not flushing in stations, supposedly because the poo just got dumped on the track.

Is this true? Surely if it was the mainlines of Britain would be littered with human waste...

  jack 09:03 27 May 2008

I recall as a young man - looking down when the handle was depressed and see the track rushing by.
My guess is such was the velocity of the train any material would be scattered far and wide.
There was also a notice not to use the WC whilst in a station or at a stand still.
Of course nmew days it is likely a holding tank is fitted - another job for the cleaners.

  Quickbeam 09:10 27 May 2008

the sign saying 'Gentlemen please lift the seat', and for those that didn't, the horse shoe toilet seats were a backup...

  jack 09:31 27 May 2008

of notices -
In a restaurant one in the toilet tastefully decorated with 'proper graffiti'-[I guess the owners thought 'If we going to get graffiti then let it be ours' ]this notice to the gents was
'Gentlemen we aim to please - Will you aim too please!

  Bingalau 10:01 27 May 2008

I sometimes wonder what happens on planes.

  peter99co 10:20 27 May 2008

Ever heard of Blue Ice?

  interzone55 10:24 27 May 2008

Whilst there are many stories of people being hit by frozen lumps of poo from plane toilets this lengthy answer explains what should happen...

click here

  Quickbeam 11:44 27 May 2008

"Information on early flushing systems is not available, however aircraft's cabin were
not pressurized and it was easy to open doors and windows..."

The mind boggles at the sight of someone standing at an open door to relieve themselves :0

  Why wont it work 11:53 27 May 2008

In Italy the train toilets were quite literally a hole in the floor. You could see everything passing underneath the train, it was a little scary. And, yes, funnily enough there were signs saying you must not use the toilet whilst in a station!

  jack 12:00 27 May 2008

Wrote Bingalau

I recall TV camera on a Hi Jack plane= where passengers ,crew and Hijackers here holed up for days.
Food was allowed on I seem to recall and a service man was reaching up to the bottom of the aircraft and fiddling with something when suddenly he was covered from head to foot in this brown deluge :-{

  Forum Editor 17:21 27 May 2008

used to flush directly onto the tracks - remember that when you build your trendy raised herb bed from old railway sleepers.

That doesn't happen now, but back then the theory was that the toilet waste was more usually liquid than solid, and when it was solid it was unlikely to accumulate in quantities great enough to cause a problem before the weather and bacteria dealt with it - in much the same way that it deals with hundreds of thousands of tons of dog/cat/fox/cow/horse/lots of other animal waste.

I've been on an American Amtrak train which had a kind of bacterial sewage-disposal system for the toilets; when the bacteria have done their job the innocuous (by then) waste is dumped on the track as a liquid - but never inside city limits.

By way of contrast I've been on an Indian train where you can see the track flashing past underneath, and everything just falls onto it. Not much fun for the villagers that sometimes live literally feet from the track edge.

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