for the train spooter amongst us...

  Seth Haniel 17:37 15 Dec 2010

click here

This map shows all trains currently on approach to a particular station. The yellow pins are stations (click for a local map of that station), the red pins trains. The trains move in approximately real time,

  canarieslover 17:49 15 Dec 2010

"The trains move in approximately real time." Just like the real thing then!!!!

  peter99co 19:04 15 Dec 2010

Good link but a bit slow on the laptop I use.

  lucky1 19:36 15 Dec 2010

Fascinating link. Thank you.

  karmgord 19:55 15 Dec 2010

I'm sitting here in my Anorak watching the web site avidly!
:- )
BTW I really am a bit of a train buff.

  Seth Haniel 21:17 15 Dec 2010

for his desktop instead of a screensaver :)

  Big L 266 10:40 16 Dec 2010


Seth....Its brilliant! I've saved it in 'My Favourites' but how do I get to be a screensaver pls? I love the Kings Cross feed - its quirky but fun.

Thank you.

Big L 266

  Seth Haniel 11:51 16 Dec 2010

Think 'instead of screensaver' just leaves that page open :)

  Clapton is God 12:22 16 Dec 2010

It really is just like the real thing.

I selected the 10x normal speed box and still nothing moved.

  interzone55 16:00 16 Dec 2010

Was the singular in the heading deliberate...

  Seth Haniel 17:42 16 Dec 2010

but by chance :-
Spooter and the Whistlers
"I went downtown to the railway station but you're gone, I guess I'll have to keep holding on, it's looking like maybe I'm not that strong"
Railway Station - Nick Work

click here :)

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