Traffic cameras on yellow standards.

  jack 11:44 21 Apr 2009

Not yer actual Gatso's you under stand but the slim line sort- what do they do?
I ask because such an installation- two camera on lamp standard high posts point forward to oncoming traffic and flood light at night are placed on the A282 [M25 Dartford crossing approach near to junction 1B.At night traffic on the road 291 above get the flood right in the eyes when travelling from east to west.
In recent times however large notices have been placed at foot of the standard saying
'Camera Not In use'
Now what is that all about and if it is not spying - why tell them?

  interzone55 11:59 21 Apr 2009

These are usually the average speed cameras placed in roadworks on motorways and the likes.

They're a standard ANPR camera that logs the time you pass camera 1, then camera 2 & works out if you were exceeding the posted speed limit, as JC said on Top Gear a couple of years back, you're safe to pass camera one at 150 mph, stop for a picnic on the hard shoulder then drive past camera two at 150 mph...

  Belatucadrus 15:57 21 Apr 2009
  OTT_Buzzard 16:14 21 Apr 2009

There was also a report a while ago that these types of camera have a major flaw in the design. Each one only monitors one lane of traffic. If you pass camera 1 then change lane before camera 2 they won't be able to monitor your speed!

This was a while back though. I'm guessign that a software algorithm would be all that's needed to fix the flaw so it may not exist any more!

  jack 16:33 21 Apr 2009

That is interesting- I shall have to take a closer look when next I go that way.

  Forum Editor 18:59 21 Apr 2009

on the M1, and also on the A3 Hindhead tunnel engineering works that have the 'camera not in use' signs.

I imagine that the cameras you refer to are SPECS cameras, and are out of use.

  feb 07:43 22 Apr 2009

see here
DARTFORD: Speed cameras to be installed at crossing click here

  jack 10:03 22 Apr 2009

Unfortunately tiny url does not work for me.
Part of Zone Alarm security suite keeping me safe I think.

  interzone55 10:13 22 Apr 2009

feb's link de-tinyurled

click here

  jack 12:27 22 Apr 2009

Interesting- I have noticed the various closure warning signs.

The item I have mentioned has been in place several years and seems to point south into the Tunnel Bound

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