Trafalgar Square

  ulrich 19:30 21 Apr 2009

I wonder if it is possible to have a statue on the spare plinth that fits in with the historic meaning of the Square. Modern art does not belong there. So whoever is in charge please sort yourself out and earn the great wage you are undoubtedly receiving.

  Forum Editor 19:41 21 Apr 2009

It's obviously your opinion that modern art doesn't belong there, but of course others disagree. The fourth plinth is being used for modern works (selected by a committee, not an individual)on a rotating basis for a reason. It is being reserved for a statue of the queen on horseback, but that will not appear until after her death.

When the statue is in place it will be fulfilling the purpose for which the plinth was originally intended - it was placed there in 1841 for a statue of King William IV on horseback, but that never materialised. People find it hard to believe, but the plinth was actually empty for 150 years. I must have driven around the square hundreds of times, but I never noticed the empty plinth.

  bremner 19:44 21 Apr 2009

I assume that this click here had led to your posting.

I agree that what has recently been there and this new fiasco leave much to be desired. A think a statue of the first directly elected mayor of London would be appropriate :o)

  ulrich 20:32 21 Apr 2009

Then they should sort themselves out. No Bremner it is the hideous piece of coloured plastic or glass put up without permission.

I do admit to not driving around Trafalgar Square for the last 150yrs, but I am sure a suitable statue could have been put up before the Queen was on the throne.

  Forum Editor 23:53 21 Apr 2009

As I said before, that's simply your opinion. Many people might think that there's nothing to sort out.

If by "the hideous piece of coloured plastic or glass" you mean the current "Model for a Hotel 2007" by Thomas Schütte, what makes you say it was put up without permission?

  ulrich 19:54 22 Apr 2009

On the news. They said it didn't have planning permission. I should hope not. I am sorry FM but this kind of modern so called art does not belong in Trafalgar Square. Maybe in your front garden.

  Forum Editor 23:57 22 Apr 2009

I beg your pardon? What has my front garden got to do with a committee of people who decided to place something on a plinth in Trafalgar square?

I think you're becoming confused. It isn't the current modern art item on the plinth that doesn't have planning permission, it's the suggestion by another artist that ordinary people should be allowed to use the plinth for their own purposes for an hour apiece. He asked people to sign up for his scheme and thousands did, but he hadn't obtained planning permission for the scaffolding etc., that would be necessary.

  ulrich 08:50 23 Apr 2009

In that case I apologise. But the thing on the plinth is hideous and doesn't belong. I did think you liked it. Perhaps the comittee should put these hideous apparitions in their gardens.

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