Toys for boys

  spikeychris 19:18 01 Aug 2004

(and girls, as I seem to get in trouble a lot these days)

5 desktops, two servers, one laptop, one palmtop, a scanner, a digital camera, two printers, and a USB TV card.

Last time I played with the palmtop: Can’t remember. Last time I used the scanner: About 6 months ago. Last time I plugged in the USB TV card: The first time I bought it and that was the last. Last time I used the desktops: Ages ago. I hardly touch the cam and I only ever use the laser printer.

I have racks of software that never see the light of day and a pipe to the net gig enough to walk through.

Why? Well partly because I'm a bit of a gadget freak but mainly because I fall victim to the "Keep up with tech" brigade. How am I to know how they work if I don’t own one.

99% of my computer activities take place on the laptop I am typing on now so a mass cull is taking place.

4 of the desktops are going to my littleuns breakfast club and one printer. The palmtop is going next door and the TV card is leaving home.

How many toys are bought and end the same way as a gym membership, post Christmas? How many of us have convinced ourselves we really need the latest processor or 2 GIG of RAM or a 2 meg download or 512 of GX?

Personally, apart from running a few pics online I could run with the minimum specs needed to play with XP but I have a flying machine, tweaked to a critical stage that if left alone in a hot room, a "China syndrome" would take place.

At times of boredom I diagnose and reduce and delete and uninstall bits and bytes that will speed up an already over the top system. Do I need to? No but its fun doing so.

  Valvegrid 19:36 01 Aug 2004

Can we safely assume this is your hobby? :-)

  spikeychris 19:53 01 Aug 2004

The only anagram for hobby is hobby. Yeah you could say its a hobby.

  VoG II 20:22 01 Aug 2004

You are not alone Chris, although my fetish is somewhat less extreme than yours!

Numerous bits of software - messed with a couple of times; now "gathering dust".

Have to have the latest Office and Windows.

Webcam - used about twice - donated to daughter for use with Messenger.

Scanner - I honestly don't know if it still works - it does make some whirring noises when the system is started up.

My latest acquisition was a pen drive. I only bought this because I went to an international meeting where everybody brought their Powerpoint slides on one. Except me, who turned up with a CDRW used many, many times below. I do use the pen drive but I'm sure it was not "value for money" in terms of its usage.

Oh, and yes, being the world's worst photographer I bought a digital camera. Rarely used, occasionally taken out of its cocoon so I can lovingly polish its lens using the special gizmo I bought from Kodak.

What next, I wonder?

  Forum Editor 20:58 01 Aug 2004

to a degree which is why we're here, telling each other about it instead of building a brick barbecue, or hand-crafting a scale model of the Victory.

Long may it continue, the computer industry exists on others like us - some of them worse than us. I know someone who runs six computers in a shed in his garden. He doesn't really do anything with them, he's retired. There may be the odd letter typed from time to time, and he uses a spreadsheet to keep track of his shares, but apart from the Internet that's it. He spends hours tweaking, and installing stuff he'll never use - much of it rubbish. From time to time he calls me over to 'offer some advice' as to what he could buy next. He pays for an hour or so of my time, asks "what's new then?" and that's it. Next time I go he'll have some new software and hardware that he doesn't need.

He can afford his indulgences, and his wife says it could be worse - he could be in the pub, or playing golf, and at least she knows where he is.

  hooligan 21:26 01 Aug 2004

No printer, no scanner, no web cam, no digi cam, no palmtop, laptop or any other top. no softwere, no xp, not even usb, no cdrw, dvd, so if outs going spare send this way !

  hooligan 22:50 01 Aug 2004

I have a server, oh no thats my missus.

  one23 20:25 02 Aug 2004

I have a Scanner---Hardly ever used.

I have 6 speakers----Never turned on.

I have Cd walkman---Used once or twice.

I have an aps camera ----Used once.

I have loads of unused software--- cant be bothered to read the online instructions.

However , I do use my Canon digicam ,my photo software and thoroughly enjoy my PC.

I do love gadgets.

  tanzanitre 23:06 02 Aug 2004

Yip girls love their toys too! I have hoards of stuff not in use (and no im not talkin bout shoes an handbags lol)My biggest problem is buying more than i actually require,like when i bought the 3rd printer in less than a year did i really need the card reader or when i decided to buy dig camera and decided to go for all rounder that did video,which is reldom used!! But i never learn as soon as i see something new restraint goes out the window and somehow convince myself that i really do need or will actually use!!

  jonnytub 23:24 02 Aug 2004

I suppose there ain't much difference between us gadget guys, apart from the wives, some of you may already know that the other day i gave a couple of usb to ps2 adaptors away, my wife found out about this and suggested in a way in which only a woman can (no offence tanzanitre) that i should get rid of all the rest of this so called gadgetry in the same manner. There was no saying "no", i've had an endless list of gadgets lying around for ages and thought that wasn't such a bad idea. I posted the items as free to a good home, of which i got a great response from forum members, some of these were very expensive items (yes i cried as i waited in the post office que) but i really did not use them any more, reasoning was of no use. I realised that if i have no use for them, maybe somebody else does!, i duly posted and can say i have a warm fuzzy feeling knowing my hardware is going to a good home, i guess the point of all this rambling is maybe if you don't use the gadgets anymore, give em to somebody who will, don't have to be posted here but what about the local school, youth club or local computer course club.

(p.s., if i didn't have somebody to keep my computer stock in check, i'd be hanging on to my gear for that just in case scenario, lol)

  jonnytub 23:28 02 Aug 2004

i rephrase " i suppose there ain't much difference between us gadget guys n gals", i gues i'm not used to seeing the female variety on the pca site, it's a welcome sign of things to come as i believe more and more women are "getting online"

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