Toyota: Could they be going BUST!?

  Geronimo. 11:59 22 Dec 2008

Japan's biggest carmaker are struggling bigtime, would they get the lifeline all the others have?

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click here\General-Business\20081222\World-Markets.xml&cat=money&subcat=business&pageid=1

  Geronimo. 12:03 22 Dec 2008

sorry last link dont work..?

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:05 22 Dec 2008

So their first loss in 71 years and you think they might go bust. Please read economic papers by Keynes and Galbraith.


  Noldi 12:20 22 Dec 2008

Toyota had made a record operating profit of $25.2 billion last year. Toyota has cut its group operating forecast to a loss of $1.7 billion for this year, not bad considering global car markets.


  SB23 12:25 22 Dec 2008

Don't be daft, so they made a loss, alot of companys can take losses without going bust, and according to your first link they are still expecting to make a profit, just not as much as they thought.

  The Brigadier 14:34 22 Dec 2008

So a loss = going bust then?
Hmmmmm do you read The Sun by any chance?

  interzone55 15:29 22 Dec 2008

If they lost that amount every month (see GM) then maybe we should worry, but as it's only their 2 annual loss in 72 years of trading I don't think we'll be seeing the back of the dreadful Prius just yet...

  peter99co 18:03 22 Dec 2008

Toyota's president Katsuaki Watanabe said the company now expected to sell 8.96 million vehicles around the world this year, down 4% from the previous year.

  shellship 18:08 22 Dec 2008

Companies don't go to the wall because they make a loss (or don't make a profit) as that's an accountant's description. They go bust when they run out of cash and that's an entirely different thing. It is quite possible to make a loss and have a positive cash flow.

  AL47 21:08 22 Dec 2008

toyota are one of the most likely to weather this and come out on top, i have a toyota, [celica]
they make good cars

  Grey Goo 23:00 22 Dec 2008

The bail out of car makers seems to be rather pointless unless they pay the workforce to "not produce" more units. It seems very wasteful to keep on churning out vehicles, using precious resources and then parking the result to gather dust for ever possibly.

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