Toy guns,Should they be banned??

  dmsjit67 02:25 15 Jul 2008

i have two younger brothers and playing with toy
guns is just a boy thing!me and all of my brothers have been playing with plastic firearms since we were little, and now I want to buy
some toy guns for them , Just like this gun:
click here
but I was so surprised and astonished at their talk at the Capital that they were going to ban toy guns,because they look too much like real guns. One store in my area has already pulled the toy guns off the shelves. The police are saying that it is hard for people and for the cops to tell the difference if a car is just driving by, etc…
why they do this???
Do you think they should be banned?
How about violence on TV, and video games, how do you think it is impacting children?

  dmsjit67 08:07 15 Jul 2008

I don't think that playing with toy guns would make them violent and like they said... just because you play with "violent" things doesn't make you a violent person.

  egapup 11:59 15 Jul 2008

Sad sign of the times. We used to hold our index and middle fingers together as pretend pistols.

  peter99co 14:19 15 Jul 2008

If a person is foolish enough to hold a toy gun when confronted by armed police and not give up when requested, then if they get shot as a result then they only have themselves to blame. The police are threatened as individuals when the toy is pointed at them. Good riddance to any idiot who thinks that they can get away with keeping a Replica Gun. Live by the gun, die by the gun, replica or not. There is a world of difference between a small child with a toy gun and a young person who wants to look good.

What does suprise me is that parents buy guns and knives for their kids at all. The plastic and cast metal silver coated guns that the kids had in the past where usually accompanied by a cowboy hat and a box of caps. They came out to play often as a result of seeing the latest cowboy film. We never found many Indians with bows and arrows who wanted to be shot at.

The replica gun to-day is a more realistic item and is not a toy but a way of owning a specific weapon and were intended as collectors items.

  rossgolf 16:11 15 Jul 2008

i have about 5 bb guns but i ain't stupid enough to take them out in public.

  Bingalau 18:47 15 Jul 2008

rossgolf. Have a good think to yourself. What use are they to me? If you really are in to playing golf then any type of gun should be alien to you. You must know the damage a stray golf ball can inflict on someone. Myself, I gave up guns when I left the forces.

Now there's an idea. Why don't all the people who want to own a gun, join the forces and learn about them properly? Maybe from the wrong end at times.

  smokingbeagle 18:51 15 Jul 2008

Toy guns don't seem to be an issue in countries where the police are armed as a matter of course. Is this more a question of the training they receive and their competence?

  wee eddie 19:00 15 Jul 2008


I would make it illegal to produce, or sell, any toys that are similarly shaped or coloured, to a real gun.

So a toy Winchester Rifle, 18" long with a 4" stock, would be OK. As would a Pink Half size Six-Shooter. As I can see no way, or reason, to stop children playing soldiers and using their imagination, which will fill in all the necessary details anyway.

  peter99co 19:28 15 Jul 2008

The replica guns were intended as collectors items. It is the use to which they have been put is the problem now and as you say they should NOW be banned.

Pink/green/multi coloured toys are just a waste of money and if parents want to throw money at such (educational?) rubbish then so be it.

  spuds 23:33 15 Jul 2008

Years ago when most youngsters played at Cowboys and Indians, guns were far less realistic. Nowadays toy or replica guns can be very hard to distinguish from the real thing. Thats why every police force will send an armed response team, to any reports of firearms being shown, especially in public areas. That armed officer may then have a split second decision to make. He/she makes the right decision, and they are heroes, make the wrong decision, then it could well lead to a court appearance.

Would you like the job of a armed response team officer. But then again, perhaps we should arm all our police officers, and be like many other countries!.

  dmsjit67 03:15 16 Jul 2008

they are maybe madness...

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