Tour de France

  morddwyd 08:34 16 Jul 2010

Anybody see the head butting during the Tour de France?

click here

I knew there was a lot of pressure, but talk about blatant!

  canarieslover 08:53 16 Jul 2010

Well Julian Dean started the problem by putting his elbow out in front of Mark Renshaw's right arm and trying to force him to the barriers. Renshaw's response was well O.T.T. and must be regarded as a footballer's 'professional foul'. The ref spotted him and he got a red card. Heat of the moment stuff and will not result in a grudge next time they meet.

  Quickbeam 10:54 16 Jul 2010

Is that why they were the helmets then...?

  Seth Haniel 12:21 16 Jul 2010

from continually looking backwards - results in no-brainer :)

give me Grand Prix anyday

  Seth Haniel 14:01 16 Jul 2010

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation).

  canarieslover 14:16 16 Jul 2010

I take it that you found out because you went back to look at it again? Much more entertaining than Grand Prix, isn't it? I'm glad I recorded yesterday as it happened.

  Seth Haniel 15:11 16 Jul 2010

no first look actually -as works pc wouldn't let me see it and had to wait till i got home :)

Seen it now (on Sky news) - quite boring actually :)

  sunnystaines 15:11 16 Jul 2010

watched it live on eurosport the cylist cut him up but the headbutts were OTT and I feel both cyclists should have been dealt with.

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