TOTP airs for the final time on Sunday

  TOPCAT® 00:15 29 Jul 2006

I started to watch it fairly regularly from its first showing in 1964 and saw several vocalists and groups become famous and quite a few that quietly disappeared from the pop scene. I well remember too the period when some artists mimed to their recordings until the viewers caught on to what was happening and protested vehemently. Performing live certainly showed who could really sing and who could not.

Then there appeared those gorgeous Pan's People and TOTP had another real convert - me! That is until 'her who should be obeyed' took over the TV on viewing night. I stopped watching TOTP a long time ago now as I feel they don't seem to know how to write a really good lyric anymore - with a few exceptions, that is.

Any regrets on TOTP's demise or memories that stay with you? TC.

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  josie mayhem 01:09 29 Jul 2006

Unlike hubby who watched the first broadcast and is determined to watch the last, I was about 2 months old so can't remember it... but I do remember my tenage years where it used to be Tommorows World follwed by TOTP's..... Thursday nights I didn't go out!!!!!!

But I think the beeb has lost touch with music for many years now.... Shoot off onto a tangent to Radio 1, they lost the plot years ago!!!!

Having teenagers that don't listen to Radio 1 as I did in my youth says it all...

The days of Pleely are long gone, waking up to Dave Lee Travers the hairly cornflake, Mike Read you can not better, and Adrien Just on staturday mid morning well...

Sunday mornings at Dingly Dale, AND YES HISSING SID WAS INONENT!!!! and for artful owl and batty bat well, dads still got the mug tuck in the cupboard.....

But do my lot listen to Radio 1 as I did no! in my car because I have got so fed up with changing channels Vibe radio is permently tuned in.... Do they watch TOTP's no because they don't paly the music they like.....

So I think that Aunty doesn't know best.....

  Sethhaniel 07:17 29 Jul 2006

stopped watching it in early seventies - because of the rigged charts/payolla and decided to listen to music I chose and liked and not the tripe being dished out in prime time.

The Old Grey Whistle Test was trhe only true 'music' program

  SG Atlantis® 11:03 29 Jul 2006

I won't miss it...

I watched it rarely when I was younger, and now there's hundreds of music channels to choose from on Sky. You can choose your own tracks and there's no idiot stuck in front of the camera claiming to be a presenter, who thinks we'd rather listen to his voice than the singers.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:26 29 Jul 2006

TOTP plays chart music

Its demise shows just how bad chart music now is.

Just going to play Led Zep's Whole Lotta Love for old times sake.


  SG Atlantis® 12:04 29 Jul 2006

"Its demise shows just how bad chart music now is."

It just shows how music has evolved along with the technology that delivers it. Aswell as the explosion in personal music devices...

  Sethhaniel 12:17 29 Jul 2006

" As well as the explosion in personal music devices..."

A godsend - at least all these MP3's etc are blasting only into the eardeums of those who have them - and not sharing their 'noise' with the rest of the population -

Well TOTP is moving on - alas 25 years too late ;)

  Monument 13:24 29 Jul 2006

What a bunch of grumpy old men you lot are ;-)

TOTP was a weekly 'event' for millions, including me, in the late sixties and through the seventies.

I can vividly remember my parents being aghast when Alice Cooper first appeared doing Schools Out!!!

Yes it has had it's day and was allowed go on past it's sell by date.

Singles just don't sell in the way they used to and so the "Top Ten" does not have the same relevance.

But I for one have some good memories of TOTP.

  SG Atlantis® 15:17 29 Jul 2006

I agree it's 25 years too late...

I'm 23 (I'm a grumpy young man!!) and can say it never much impacted my life nor my tastes in music, and I can't remember (there weren't any) conversations at school about it.

Just wondering now what the beeb are gonna do with the half hour slot?

  Forum Editor 15:26 29 Jul 2006

one of "those gorgeous Pan's People" girls. On a couple of occasions I went to see her dance on TOTP.

And that's my only claim to fame.

  Minkey1 15:37 29 Jul 2006

Compared to what had gone before TOTP was innovative when it started. Depending on releases and timing, there weren't many other shows where you could see The Beatles, Stones etc, every week.

I was interested to see the clip they've been showing with JS. In the background you could see that weeks chart. Ah, Kathy Kirby - what a woman !

Being a 60's mod yoof I pretty soon switched to Ready, Steady, Go for the likes of James Brown etc.

From what I hear these days, the charts are pretty much irrelevant so I guess TOTP's demise should be no surprise. What is a surprise is J Saville still being around ! His mum used to live opposite our school and when we saw the JS 1 Roller we'd go and get his autograph.

Enough rambling.

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