Total number of threads?

  § 14:38 19 Nov 2004

Seeing the constant flow of new threads I was wondering how many threads have been created in the four years of the sites life....doh, sad or what?

Has it reached 1,000,000 yet?

Any ideas FE?

  Rigga 15:43 19 Nov 2004

Take a look at the address bar in your browser and you will see a threadID=xxxxxxx

Your thread is number 171960. I would guess this is unique to a thread.

The earliest thread I can find is > click here < which is number 68966 I would guess all earlier threads have been... ahem... archived.. ;-)

I dought it started from 1 though so not quite accurate!

Maybe the FE will know for sure!


  § 15:57 19 Nov 2004

That's interesting Rigga - so on average there's been just over one thread per registered member.

I think I've had more than my share ;-)

  Dorsai 18:05 19 Nov 2004

How long has the site been running?

IF you assume 5 years, and 170,000 threads, that works out at 93 new threads a day.

That sounds quite plausable.

  dan 11 18:32 19 Nov 2004

I think, I may be wrong, but it is just coming to it's 4th. birthday or has it just gone.~)

  TOPCAT® 18:44 19 Nov 2004

Late December 2004 is our fourth anniversary. The FE was getting all nostalgic way back in July! :o) TC.

click here

  § 18:54 19 Nov 2004

"How long has the site been running?"

Dorsai the answer was in my question ;-)

  Bandy 19:42 19 Nov 2004

I would have thought that one thread per member is a fairly reasonable estimate.

Just look at the number uf users and the number of postings. Many people come here to solve problems and I know from experience that most of them have already been solved, and I find the answers using the search facility. I think others do the same. That's apart from those who just wich to browse,

Looking at my own record I;ve been here about 2000ish times, have posted a few hundred contributions to existing threads, but doubt if I've started more than about 10

That's not a boast, or complaint, by the way just the way I seem to use this site

  Dorsai 19:49 19 Nov 2004

"How long has the site been running?"

Dorsai the answer was in my question ;-)

D'Oh. :-)))

  dan 11 20:00 19 Nov 2004

Er Doh as well. :-)

  § 20:51 19 Nov 2004

Then like me Bandy, you're above average :-)

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