The Tornado.

  Demora 16:20 07 Feb 2009
  perpetual motion 16:25 07 Feb 2009


Its so lovely to see our heritage after so much of it has been stripped away or replaced by better means, I just loved the part where the steam was released & you couldnt see a thing..its just great to see such a wonderfull work of art..& at the last few seconds of the video i noted a intercity 125 i think or a new train next to it & the new train looked kinda lost...

  Forum Editor 17:03 07 Feb 2009

that just can't be duplicated by a modern equivalent. There's something about being in a carriage that is pulled along without all the associated purrings and whinings that accompany an electric train. I hope we see more of this kind of revival.

  Kaacee 18:15 07 Feb 2009

How does this stand up with the air pollution act

  Forum Editor 18:21 07 Feb 2009

The people who built the locomotive say this:-

"Although it does of course create some smoke, actually pulling 500 people with a steam engine is quite an efficient way of transporting people."

  TopCat® 18:26 07 Feb 2009

And certainly a way to warm the rest of me up in that driver's cab! :o)

I remember at sixteen I tried to join the railways and passed everything asked of me but the eye test. I entered this small, heavily curtained cubicle and was told to watch out for some coloured lights. It was so dark in there I could see absolutely nothing and expected some form of bulb to light up. What I did eventually see, however, was the tiniest pinprick speck of light that began to change colour. I failed on the white and green but passed on the amber and red. At one point I hesitated for so long that the examiner rebuked me and said the imaginary engine would have been long past the perishing light! :o)

That was the first time I knew I had a problem with some colours and that unfortunately shut the door to many professions and trades I could attempt to enter at that age. Hasn't affected my driving of all types of vehicles though, thank goodness. TC.

  TopCat® 18:42 07 Feb 2009

Adding further to what the FE has already said, the project director was asked about how 'green' was the locomotive. He said that the loco itself wasn't that 'environmentally friendly', but with a complement of people on board who otherwise would have made the journey by car, then it became so. TC.

  Demora 23:25 07 Feb 2009

Sorry I just posted with a 'link' PC was acting up.

My father would have loved to have been there. He used to take me to Carnfoth. Where there was a steam museum. At one time it was possible to ride the locomotives there.

He said there was nothing like travelling on a steam train.

Brought back lots of memories for me.


  Demora 23:29 07 Feb 2009

Carnforth. Need new keyboard.


  Chegs ®™ 23:41 07 Feb 2009

click here

Anytime anyone wants to ride on a steam train then we've got just the place.Then there's the beautiful scenery to take in while your there.

  fullyfitted 22:06 08 Feb 2009

Is there anyway I can download and save the video
in the link posted by Demora?

What a sight and I'd love to be able to keep it

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