Top Up Your Tanks - Silly Suggestions

  Input Overload 11:12 29 Mar 2012

In my ever-so humble opinion the government have made a real mess and a half+ of this situation.

We now have in my town lines of traffic attempting to fill up cars that only see the light of day once a week or less & people with plastic fuel cans waiting at the pumps. I doubt any minister will be waiting at any pump hoping they can get back home with 400 miles to drive – The advice I heard yesterday & again this morning was without doubt one of the daftest things I have heard ever to emit from a pair of PC speakers.

It seems that the many people who use a full tank of fuel or more a day are now getting worried (I am anyway) as to how they are going to get to the next job tomorrow. Give the tanker drivers what they want & then prevent them ever being in the position to do this again - This worked well some years ago as I remember in quite a long strike after the government gave in at the first threat.

There still may not be a strike yet we now have panic buying induced by no less than by the government.

No one should ever be able to hold a democracy to ransom – Words to this effect were uttered some time ago by a PM as I remember.

End Of Rant<

  badgery 11:22 29 Mar 2012

Without doubt the worst thing the Government could have done, and following the hash they made of the Budget presentation of the 'Granny Tax, the 'dinner with Dave' issue and now the idiocy of listening to our PM justifying his love of pasties and even getting it wrong where he alledgedly bought his last one!

Why do the political millionaires have this incessant desire to pretend to be 'one of the plebs' - Oh yes, votes!

Truly inept judgements lately, with Francis 'jerrycan' Maude surely the icing on the cake. Awful.

  Condom 11:43 29 Mar 2012

I'm so afraid that I agree with both of you. Everything this lot touches seems to disintegrate in front of our eyes. And the PM's lousy attempts to show us that he is one of the boys is as clumsy an act as I've seen. Just as well his mother didn't put him on the stage as he would have had the hook months ago.

Now I'm counting the seconds until the member for Tory Central Office shoves his oar in the water. :-))

  badgery 11:55 29 Mar 2012

I have to say I did like the 'Daily Mash' offering today [Daily Mash][1], and it was expletive-free! The next one was also funny (Maude being the target) but it did have one 'bad' word in it.

  badgery 11:57 29 Mar 2012

Daily Mash

Sorry messed up!

  johndrew 12:09 29 Mar 2012

I have just been up by our local supermarket and it is impossible to get into the shop for the queues of vehicles waiting for fuel. Even the delivery tankers are queuing!!

As yet there is no strike, or any other action, but as a direct result of Cameron, and others, making stupid, unwarranted statements, panic has ensued. And Cameron should know better as he was in publicity!!

Well done to the foot in mouth brigade, now people will be short of fuel because the tankers can't get there and short of food because of the queues for fuel.

I should add that I simply turned around and came home - beans on toast for dinner!!

  bremner 12:10 29 Mar 2012

Francis Maude made a pigs ear of it without question.

The latest suggestion to refill when half empty rather seems fairly sensible particularly if you rely on a car and have no public transport alternative, such as those living in rural locations.

The suggestion of removing the right to strike is fine until a government abuses their position to impose sweeping and unfair changes upon those workers. That is why the police are now being balloted on whether they should seek equal industrial rights to match other workers.

  Woolwell 13:17 29 Mar 2012

There wasn't a major problem until Francis Maude opened his mouth. We have the same situation as johndrew has described with people unable to even get into the supermarket because of the queue for petrol.

The "granny tax" had some sense in it but was incredibly badly presented then we have the pasty fiasco. I doubt that Cameron has eaten one since 2007 and Osborne probably never has.

The problem seems to be that they have surrounded themselves with young rich "advisors" and are now coming across as completely out of touch.

  badgery 13:46 29 Mar 2012

Is it me, or are the LibDems doing OK by just keeping 'schtumm'? Every cloud .....I suppose!

But it has seemed that only Tory Ministers are spouting on the 'petrol crisis' that isn't - but just might be, sometime.

  Condom 15:23 29 Mar 2012

Well I have just returned froma rare visit to the town centre by Park & Ride and the bus was held up both going into and returning from the centre by queues of traffic all trying to get into a small petrol fourcourt.

I thought wisdom was gained with age and experience. I guess not as Maude was a bit of a prat 20 years ago and seems to be an even bigger one now.

  rickf 15:32 29 Mar 2012

This lot probabbly have never been to a petrol station in years. Their drivers do this for them. It's not surprisintg then that they are so out of touch with ordinary people and their daily grind.

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