Top Tory Resigns

  jakimo 10:43 14 May 2009

David Cameron's aid Andrew McKay has resigned on the grounds that his expense claims would be unacceptable in the public view.

Cameron clearly intents to take action on the expense claims issue while Brown & Clegg just talk about it

  bjh 10:48 14 May 2009

.... quit as David Cameron's senior parliamentary adviser.....

  peter99co 11:38 14 May 2009

Is that before he pays back his ill-gotten gains?

  JanetO 12:32 14 May 2009

Andrew McKay has stated he was advised by the then 'fees officer' to put in his claims, in certain areas, in the way in which now is publically unacceptable.

If this is the case then the Parliamentary Office appears to be riddled with this decades-old cheating-the-taxpayer-and claiming-for-all-sorts system.

  interzone55 12:38 14 May 2009

I think that rather than looking at the people who took advantage of a seriously flawed system, we should be looking at the people in charge of approving the claims.

Surely there is something seriously wrong with a person who thinks it's OK for a married couple to make separate claims for second homes, or for MPs to change the designation of their homes in order to make further claims, or to keep profits on sales of homes paid for by taxpayers.

  peter99co 13:05 14 May 2009

Question how these regulators can be effective when they are ultimately responsible to and employed by the House of Commons Speaker, Michael Martin MP

  jakimo 15:10 14 May 2009

who claimed £16000 expenses for a non existent mortgage,which is not in the rules and is therefore an out & out fraud,yet he only gets a this what Brown means when he says those that break the rules will be dealt with severely

  jakimo 15:24 14 May 2009

Labour MP is Elliot Morley & not Eric Morley.

  interzone55 16:15 14 May 2009

Suspension is the first phase of an investigation in any job. So this may not be the last of this particular affair.

And considering the current climate, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few police investigations, there'll have to be a few scalps to show that something is being done...

  BT 16:55 14 May 2009

and I suppose if all this hadn't blown up he would have got away with it along with many others!

  jakimo 22:23 14 May 2009

Its Brown who shoud be showing that somthing is being done,he`s the top man and its his responsibility to see that Morley is removed removed from the party,half measures are not good enough,its up to the police to deal with the fraud

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