Top Spec / High End PC

  HondaMan 20:22 08 Feb 2008

Two interesting phrases. But what does it mean to ........ YOU. What do you call a high end/spec PC?

I have seen the phrase high end / top spec machine used so many times in these forums and I cannot help but wonder what we as individuals have in mind when we talk about a "high-end" PC.

Well, what does it mean?

  interzone55 20:37 08 Feb 2008

I suppose it would mean the current top spec components, so today we would be talking about Intel quad core chips, 4gb DDR3 ram, a pair of nVidia 8800GTX cards, perhaps a blu-ray drive and a 24" TFT.

With an nForce 780i motherboard joining this little lot together I can't think of anything that this wouldn't do (short of nuclear stockpile degradation simulation - you'll need a Blue Gene/L for that)

Mind you today I sold a server with a pair of 3.2ghz quad core chips, 24gb of RAM and 48tb of storage. Now that is seriously high end...

  lisa02 20:49 08 Feb 2008

But what does it mean to ........ YOU. What do you call a high end/spec PC?

Spending 4 figures on a PC.

  red3 21:43 08 Feb 2008

This pc has some top end stuff on it but like Lisa02 says "4 figures on it"

click here

  mrwoowoo 22:07 08 Feb 2008

To most people it would mean a system capable of running the latest games at a decent framerate.
My reasoning being that games are one of the most demanding things that you can ask it to do.
Also gamers usually quote that they need a high end system for playing the latest games.
So,a core 2 Quad Q6600 2400mhz with an 8800gt gpu and 3 gig of ram,although not the latest technology would be considered high end by most as it will do all you ask of it.
Of course it's all relative to the user,so,how longs a piece of string?

  lisa02 22:13 08 Feb 2008

It's relative to the best that can be bought.

You described one of my midrange machines, I don't own any high-end computers but I'd love to.

  citadel 22:21 08 Feb 2008

something from the extreme range at vadim.

  mrwoowoo 23:16 08 Feb 2008

"It's relative to the best that can be bought"
True,though my point being that if you play a game with my specs quoted and it runs it with all options on maximum then a more powerfull pc will give you no extra benifit.
You may get more fps but this will not be noticable to the naked eye if the said specs run it at a decent framerate in the first place.
So to me,it's still relative to what you use it for.
Still ,i would like a £2000+ job though (O:!

  anskyber 23:20 08 Feb 2008

When you look at some seriously good PC's at £400 (I can link if you need convincing) and a Playstation as well who needs high end PC's for games?

  De Marcus™ 00:58 09 Feb 2008

Seriously good pc for £400, i think not ansky, specs can all sound the same but you should know that things such as motherboard make/model, memory timings, hd speed, cache, connection types, etc all play a vital part in that price. A plain Jane core 2 duo pc with 160gb hd and 2gb HDD is very different to a branded core 2 duo pc with branded parts and verified / tested configurations.

  De Marcus™ 01:03 09 Feb 2008

A PC for gaming in comparison to a ps3 in general terms could turn out to be very expensive indeed.

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