Top Of The Pops

  Shopgirl 22:07 17 Jul 2011

Did anybody watch "Top Of The Pops 1965 until 1975. It was on bbc2 At 1045pm On 16th July. It was very good. A lot of well known groups. And singers. It lasted about one hour.I would like to hear any views from anyone who watched it. Well done bbc2.

  Aitchbee 23:50 17 Jul 2011

I watched it - no DJ's - and the sound was very good. Looking forward to 75 - 80 when punk was just beginning.

  NewestRoyWidd1 10:13 18 Jul 2011

I watched it too,took me back to the 60's when I was in my teens,but did we really dance like that??

Excellent programme,Auntie Beeb got it right.

  Quickbeam 10:21 18 Jul 2011

I didn't see that show, but I saw almost all the TOTPs first time around from early days until the early '80s when the new romantic crap came along.

  Covergirl 12:17 18 Jul 2011

Watched a bit on the iPlayer. Good to see Mr John pianoing for Mr Bolan. Seen it before though and I prefer the 70s to the 60s so will watch next week for the 80s.

Incidentally BBC4 is currently broadcasting the weekly TOTP shows from 1976. I heard a rumour that they were going to broadcast them all weekly, albeit 35 years late. Wednesday 7.30pm (rptd Thurs & Sat)

  gengiscant 13:43 18 Jul 2011

I am nearly 58 and although I find most of the music of the sixties and seventies invokes many fond memories, I have no wish to view some very cringe inducing music program such as TOTP reminding me how rubbish we danced then and more importantly how rubbish we looked.

Though I have CD's of a lot of the music I listen to then, none of it is on my 32GB ipod touch and I very rarely listen to it anywhere else. Give me 'Hardstyle' or 'Goa Trance' any-day.

  Legolas 13:56 18 Jul 2011

Sadly I missed the show but I did see the show on BBC 4 on Friday I think about The Kinks. Great band, great songs, great memories.

  Aitchbee 22:09 19 Jul 2011

It would be interesting to see a similar 'Top of the Pops' of the same era (1964-1975) but from the USA side of things. On the program you highlighted, I remembered all but one of the performers...namely BJ Thomas who sang 'Raindrops keep falling on my head'. Who were big in America while we (Britain) were the centre of the pop music scene? (Beatles/Stones/Hollies/Searchers/ ... )I ask myself. Bob Dylan and The Beach Boys come to mind.

  Shopgirl 22:38 19 Jul 2011

Thanks for all your views Keep them comming. The hair styles in the early part of the show are comming back. What do you think? Looking forward to your views

  canarieslover 23:00 19 Jul 2011


I wish the hairstyles were coming back on my head. Alas they would now be missing the strip down the middle!!!!!

  Condom 00:59 20 Jul 2011

Well I had the great misfortune to agree to stand in as a member of one of my friends groups after one of their records shot up the charts some time after the band had moved on. TOTP was in those days recorded in Manchester (In an old church of all places) and we were made/encouaged to dress up in silly clothes and my friend who was actually the drummer ended up playing the bass and of course everything was mimed. I once saw myself years later but fortunately the last two times the track has been on TOTP they used a film from the week after when someone else had the misfortune to be controlled into making an ass of himself.

Even years later I can't say that it was an enjoyable experience despite meeting a few real pop stars.

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