Top-up on fuel

  realist 14:14 10 Dec 2007

According to their website Transction 2007, the fuel lobby, is planning to blockade oil refineries from Saturday 15 December.

  tullie 14:48 10 Dec 2007

That should get people in a panick.

  wiz-king 15:36 10 Dec 2007

It wont be any worse then the usual Christmas shop then - give them a day off and everyone shops for a month.

  LegoTestPilot 15:56 10 Dec 2007

I thought that picketing outside oil refineries was made illegal after the blockades of 2000?

And of course this will really pee off those who want to shop, go to work etc.

And will the goverment cut fuel duty if their is a strike?
Of course not, but it will reduce people spending money before Christmas, that could lead to shops deciding to sue the fuel lobby people?

  LegoTestPilot 16:00 10 Dec 2007

[Expect panic buying which only leads to more money for the Oil Companies & The Goverment!]

The following statement is released on 10th December 2007 at 10:15Hrs

Transaction2007 have decided to release the date and time of protest action earlier than scheduled. This is to enable the motorist and public to better prepare themselves for the coming action.

A date of Saturday 15th December 2007 at 10:00am has been decided for protest action. This date was decided by members as the best possible to enable those who would normally be working during the week to attend. This action will be initiated at a refinery or storage depot somewhere near you. Anyone wishing to support action is requested to make your way there at the alotted time. Transaction again wish to emphasise the importance of legal protesting.

What the RHA say click here

  spuds 16:06 10 Dec 2007

Saturday 15 December, well thats it then, the world or at least England is coming to a complete standstill.

After the last episode, don't you think the government may have something up their sleeve ;o)

  anskyber 16:13 10 Dec 2007

They're bonkers.

  Jak_1 16:18 10 Dec 2007

So long as I have enough fuel to get me to football on the 15th and 18th I should be ok.

  LegoTestPilot 16:56 10 Dec 2007

How long until someone offers a can of fuel on ebay for sale!

  Cymro. 17:31 10 Dec 2007

If there is anything in this story and the people concerned are anything like the last lot that tried something like this then I will certainly have no sympathy for them.

Many of them are self employed truckers and farmers and the last group of people to have any sympathy for anyone but themselves. The only principle they have is self interest and nothing else.

If you ever needed to break a strike, drive through a picket line etc. then these are the very truckers who would be glad to do the job for you, at an inflated price that is.

It is the international oil market that has put up the price of oil not the government. There is no way that even this government wants high oil prises at this time, they are unpopular enough as it is.

  wiz-king 18:05 10 Dec 2007

Strange ... I thought the price of crude came down last week.

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