Top 50 great British losers...

  Quickbeam 11:46 25 Oct 2007

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Ummm, well... make what you will of it!

  techie4me 12:01 25 Oct 2007

Well good to see the Times so supportive of British Sport.

  ventanas 12:06 25 Oct 2007

And they have the nerve to include the Worlds' greatest ever batsman.

  Stuartli 12:29 25 Oct 2007

So easy to forget all the many great British achievements over the years isn't it?

By the way, the third paragraph on the link sums it up neatly, especially the second sentence:

"These are the glorious nearly men. The proxime accessits, as lawyers call them, or, if you will, the very top of the second-drawer. Do not mock them, relish them. And especially for those in the top ten, be grateful that we had them and that they fought so hard to raise the national morale and make the most of their talents, rather than chiding them simply for not being as good as a Tiger Woods, a Pete Sampras or a Fangio."

  tried 15:26 25 Oct 2007

we could win! trouble is that other teams fuel was not at the right temperature! Hey 9 out 10 for Hamillton. Not sure about this cricket Worlds greatest ever batsman?

  crosstrainer 15:51 25 Oct 2007

Who at the age of 22, in his rookie year in formula 1 can not under any circumstances be described as a loser.

He is a polite, thoroughly well brought up young man who has had a fantastic start to his racing career.

  Stuartli 16:10 25 Oct 2007

In the end it was nothing to do with what you suggest, but the fact that Hamilton's engine was misfiring and he lost around half-a-minute.

That took him down to 18th place.

In the event, he showed his qualities as a true racing driver by working his way up to seventh position by the finish.

Unfortunately it's all too easy for many people in this country to sit in a comfy armchair and decry the efforts of others, even though they may well have no personal experience of the sport or activity being undertaken.

  ventanas 16:18 25 Oct 2007

What you say is very true. We should accept that everyone will do their best to win, and if that is net yet good enough, we should applaud second place. It's not bad after all.

As for the worlds greatest batsman - Graham Gooch of course - dominant, aggressive, courageous and from Essex.

  DrScott 16:32 25 Oct 2007

being used as a derogatory term in the article though?

  Stuartli 16:53 25 Oct 2007

>>the third paragraph on the link sums it up neatly, especially the second sentence:>>

Can't count...:-(

Should be third sentence.

  Si_L 18:26 25 Oct 2007

I love how Arsenal are on the list for being poor in Europe, yet they reached the final year before last, and are one of the two teams with 9 points from 3 games, and have conceded less and scored more than any other team right now.

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