Tool Buying

  laurie53 20:44 19 Mar 2008

I started with bicycles over sixty years ago and have been buying tools to work on various bits of mechanical kit ever since, except for those times when my employer bought them for me.

I now have quite a selection, filling two tool cabinets and a four drawer mobile tool chest.

So why is it when I want a particular spanner or screwdriver I find I haven't got the right size and have to go and buy yet another one?

My wife, a seamstress for almost the same length of time, swears it's the same with zips and knitting needles!

  Bingalau 20:53 19 Mar 2008

I don't have that problem, My kids have borrowed all my tools and haven't brought them back yet. I wonder if one of them will read this and maybe get a guilty conscience?

  Jim Thing 21:25 19 Mar 2008

Are you sure it's the kids, Bingalau? There is a mischievous ghost, not yet understood by mankind. He's the one who arranges that, when you're working flat on your back under your car and you put a spanner down on the deck by your right ear so that you know exactly where to put your hand on it, it vanishes and turns up again three years later on top of a wardrobe.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:55 19 Mar 2008

Funny that, my tools also seem to travel through time warps.
Put them down, they go missing, to turn up (where I put them) a few months later.

Can't blame the kids, both girls who don't believe in touching tolls when they can call dad to do it for them.

  Bapou 22:09 19 Mar 2008

Need it, you can't find it. Don't need it and it's the first tool you see.

Happens every time, with me anyway.

  Brumas 22:50 19 Mar 2008

Same as that bent bit of wire and two-pint container with a screw lid - I kept them for ages knowing one day they would come in useful. Had a bit of a tidy up last week and lo and behold - today the outside drain got bunged up with leaves and that bent bit of stout wire would have been ideal for the job!!
No doubt next week a situation will arise where the two-pint container would have proved invaluable ;o(

  spuds 00:56 20 Mar 2008

I get to the stage now, when neighbours come round to borrow something, I give them the keys to the outhouses and suggest that they look for the things they want. That and perhaps three or four others have got to be there somewhere :O)

  wiz-king 05:59 20 Mar 2008

I am doing a kitchen re-vamp at the moment and I have brought so many tools in from the garage it looks like a builders merchants in here. So why is it that the tool I need is either at work or at the stables?

  laurie53 06:02 20 Mar 2008

It's the same ghost who is responsible for making sure that the higher you are up the ladder the more likely it is that lead to your power tool will become hopelessly entangled with something that wasn't there when you started up!

  BT 07:40 20 Mar 2008

I think there's a whole community of Gremlins that inhabit our houses and sheds whose whole aim is to make it take twice as long to do anything as it should.
As various posters have said things disappear and turn up in totally different places minutes, days, or months later.
I spent several weeks looking for a spare Freeview box and found it when I wasn't looking for it, and I still haven't found the charger for my big torch.
They are also responsible for Knitting the cables behind your Computer or TV/Video/DVD. I fouind an aerial cable with a knot in it yesterday when venturing behind the TV.

  DANZIG 08:20 20 Mar 2008

Theres a very good book that explains these phenomenae.

Its called 'Why does the Toast always fall Butter Side Down'. Can't remember who its by but no doubt I will later on when I don't need to know...

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