Too Old ?

  Squidward 16:38 31 Aug 2007

I`m 52 and a welder for most of my working life, am I too old to consider taking the CompTia A+ etc exams to possibly change my career. I do all the usual stuff with our home PCs, upgrading software, hardware etc,I will most likely take the test anyway just for my own satisfaction but I really would like to get away from Welding. Feel free to answer as honestly as pos`, I wont be offended by any " ageist" remarks (I hear plenty from my daughters), Thanks, Tom

  Brumas 16:42 31 Aug 2007

Go for it mate - no matter what the outcome is you will have at least tried your arm!

  lisa02 16:44 31 Aug 2007

At 52 you're a young'un compared to some of the regular expert members on this website. Don't let ageism get the better of you... Go for it!!!

  45 Mart 16:49 31 Aug 2007

Why would you think you are too old. I'm a couple of years younger than you (I'm 50 next)and I'm going to have a go.
If it works for me, then hopefully a career change will be at the end of it, as I have been working 12 hour shifts now for 32 years, and quite frankly have had enough, especially nights.

Go for it, mate, enjoy the challenge, and if it works, then be proud of yourself.


  Squidward 17:00 31 Aug 2007

Thanks, Brumas, lisa02 and 45 Mart, I`m gonna do it, it could be the beginning of a whole new life style, like you Mart I`m absolutely fed up with regular nights and overtime I don`t really want to be doing but have to because of quite poor the way I don`t feel so Old now, lol. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 17:05 31 Aug 2007

who thinks positively, and you're prepared to work at it, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do this.

Good luck.

  Dizzy Bob 17:08 31 Aug 2007

You are too old for Baseball caps, skateboards, baggy jeans, hanging around in McDonalds on a saturday night, alcopops, crop tops and BMX bikes, but certainly not to old to change career!

Good luck

  Squidward 17:10 31 Aug 2007

Thanks again everyone, I feel a lot better about doing this, and Good Luck to anyone taking this or any other exams, there is a lot more support out there than we some times think.

  holme 17:13 31 Aug 2007

I recently saw a remark in A N Other forum that anyone over 40 would have problems getting to grips with 'complicated' things like computers.

The responses were a wonder to behold; most considered the original remark to be downright offensive.

For the record, the four of here at Holme are all 60-somethings (64-69) and we'd like to think we can hack it. Complicated things like computing that is.

  holme 17:27 31 Aug 2007

I hope it isn't going off-topic but this discussion reminds me of a very entertaining thread I saw a few years ago. It concerned the problems faced by the redundant miners of S Yorkshire and N Derbyshire (think Brassed Off).

Many of them were looking for a new career in IT, computing, teaching etc, and some wag thought to assist by producing 'Word for Northerners'. He took the standard menu templates and re-jigged them into 'Yorkie-speak'. A few I can recall went along the lines of:

New became Noo then flower
Open became Oppen oop sunshine
Save became Sev it
Save as became Sev it as summat else
Print preview became gizz a skeg (the viking connection)
Print became Gerrit writ (think Open All Hours)
and so on...

You have to listen to it to get the full effect but I hope you get the flavour.

  techie4me 18:20 31 Aug 2007

I recently did CCNA & their were to people on it, one was 60 & the other was 66.
Both passed first time!

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