'Too many cooks and not enough Indie Cars'

  Seth Haniel 08:06 09 Jul 2009

The eight members of the Formula 1 Teams Association (Fota) walked out of a meeting with the sport's governing body, the FIA, on Wednesday.

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Next season and F1 as a whole threatened again

  birdface 08:52 09 Jul 2009

Not being a motor racing fan it does not bother me whether they race or not.It is always on TV which I do not watch.
I don't mind watching the odd game of cricket but that is on Sky sports so I can't watch that.
Maybe if they switched and put the cricket on TV and the Motor Racing on Sky that would be more agreeable to myself and others.
Well thats my moan over for today,I wonder what I will find to complain about tomorrow.

  Bingalau 09:05 09 Jul 2009

buteman. It does a World of good to get the moaning over and done with. Keep it up.... I can't watch cricket or F1 or horse racing, We need more athletics and more rugby (both codes) on the box. I like football but think there is enough of that on already. It reaches saturation point sometimes. I can't understand why they don't put more women's sports on, or even junior sports. Oh yes I like swimming and water polo etc., but can also understand how that wouldn't appeal to the masses.

  birdface 09:14 09 Jul 2009

Good idea a couple of hours synchronized swimming instead of motor racing coverage or cricket.Probably it would work quicker than my sleeping pill.

  Seth Haniel 09:49 09 Jul 2009

Was it WC Fields said "Start the day with a smile, and get it over with"
looks like the new national sport is 'spitting the dummy out' :)

  Seth Haniel 09:51 09 Jul 2009

Clapton to battle against Wyman

Rock legend Eric Clapton will lead a team of celebrity friends in a cricket match at a Surrey school.

The guitarist will captain a team of friends against The Bunburys, a group of touring celebrities and former cricketing professionals.

The charity event will take place at Cranleigh School on Sunday.

Amongst the beneficiaries will be The Cross Road's clinic, based in Antigua, and founded by the star, who grew up in Ripley, near Guildford.

The match will feature a host of celebrities including former Rolling Stones member Bill Wyman and cricket stars Wasim Akram and Ryan Sidebottom.

  birdface 10:23 09 Jul 2009

I prefer.Smile and give your face a holiday.I don't know who said it but it works for me.
We have a nice fairly new Motor racing track about a mile from where I stay.I have been inside it but only to make a delivery.It was very impressive but unfortunately it does not seem to get much support.Which is a pity as it must have cost a fortune to build.At a guess it would be about 8 years old now and some of the crowds are very poor. How it survives I do not know.
Rockingham Speedway it used to be called but do not know if they have changed its name or not.
It is based on the USA Indi car racing so might not be to everyones taste.
But like I said not into motor sport and not much else to do or watch around here.

  laurie53 20:57 09 Jul 2009

It takes 20 muscles to frown, 4 to smile, and only two to straighten your arm and smash the smug smile off the so-and-so's face!

  crosstrainer 09:00 10 Jul 2009

Wc Fields was also well known for his extreme intake of alcohol. Story goes that he would turn up on set each day with a large flask of "Orange juice"

This contained 90% gin and 10% Orange juice.

One day, a stage grip swapped the flask for an identical one containing pure orange juice...

The quote from the famous comic was "Who put orange juice in my orange juice" :))

It seems that the quibble in F1 now is that the FIA have denied Phota the right to vote, even though the teams involved in the original break away concept are registered, and entitled to do so.

Fear not, it's just a continuation of the daft political mind games. All will be well.

  jack 13:46 10 Jul 2009

Looks like the new national sport is 'spitting the dummy out'

  jack 13:51 10 Jul 2009

Looks like the new national sport is 'spitting the dummy out' wrote Seth Haniel
I used to be the champion Dummy spitter so said my mum many times over.
But to me sport as exercise- that village cricket team, or Sunday footy -s one thing
When it goes professional and money changes hands
and idiots parade around a race track - Hooves or Wheels -is to me a total turn off and that is exactly what happens to the TV

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