Tony Blair's latest gaffe

  Al94 10:46 11 Sep 2010

You really would have thought that this would have been caught on before the book went to print! click here

  Grey Goo 10:58 11 Sep 2010

You forget he wants to rewrite History in general.

  carver 11:13 11 Sep 2010

If every mistake in that book had been rectified it would be about 5 pages thick.

  Jameslayer 13:42 11 Sep 2010

He got a location wrong. I have not read his book yet but probely will. I'm sure their are many mistakes in it. As I am told by people their ios a lot of detail.

  jack 19:09 11 Sep 2010

Many of the TV history programs about WW2 events are plain wrong in many aspects- particularly in the use of video clips.
I appreciate the narrator/author wants atmospheric
shots to illustrate a certain situation- but use of library clips of equipment of post war vintage- or incorrect referral to events that many of us oldies have lived through- simply means such programs lose credability.
Recently a young historian in a short piece referred to the V2 rocket being the precursor to modern space travel - true- but he was standing in the RAF museum in front of and pointing to the
V2 Flying Bomb- just a few seconds of image- that's is all took for me to lose interest totally

  jack 19:10 11 Sep 2010

V1 Flying Bomb - My slip

  morddwyd 19:35 11 Sep 2010

Like the recent commentator talking about the Battle of Britain who mentioned a Spitfire jet.

She lost a bit of her credibility with me after that!

  Forum Editor 11:06 12 Sep 2010

and TV programme contains at least one factual error, and often a lot more than that. I often proof-read documents for people, and I can vouch for the fact.

It isn't the end of the world, this was something that should have been picked up and corrected by a proof reader.

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