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  Bingalau 17:59 09 Feb 2007

I don't know if this is the correct area to put this however, here goes.. My wife bought me a TomTom One for my Happy Birthday. As I was a little worried about keeping it out of sight for security reasons. Also out of the driver's line of sight through the windscreen whilst in motion. I got a two and a quarter inch size square of plate glass from my friendly local glazier, and stuck it with velcro to the dashboard. (You could also use super glue) The normal sucker type bracket can then be placed neatly onto the plate glass. This takes away the problem of having sucker marks on the windscreen and can also be used for other items which use suckers to hold them in place in the car, such as those small electric fans etc. The device is easier to reach and easier to remove when vacating the car. You can even remove the plate glass which just leaves a bit of velcro on the dashboard, not much evidence of anything valuable there for a thief to spot. ..Bingalau..

  alB 19:00 09 Feb 2007

Possibly more scaremongering by the media... click here ...alB

  IClaudio 19:05 09 Feb 2007

That's very ingenious, Bingalau... however, I'd be a bit worried about having the TomTom's screen so far below my field of vision.

I have my TomTom in the centre of the windscreen, so that it is in my view while I'm driving (I have tried putting it to the right of the windscreen, but found myself looking at the TT's screen rather than the wing mirror when manoeuvring!).

I wouldn't make my home my 'Home', but rather some other place... actually, my Home is, sadly, the office...

  Bingalau 19:33 09 Feb 2007

IClaudio. Maybe it is just suitable for my car, but I have it situated just above the center console, Looking at it is more or less like looking in the rear view mirror only slightly downwards. Nothing more than a glance, and because it is really not necessary to see the route unfolding if you are listening then a quick glance is all that is needed. It's also easier to see for me anyway as it's within my peripheral vision range. Another stroke of luck, I have discovered that a leather case which housed my electric razor, fits the device like a glove. I'm one of those blokes who never throws anything away as they always come in handy. ..Bingalau..

  Bingalau 19:35 09 Feb 2007

I also think the tip about leaving a well thumbed copy of an A to Z of the area hanging about, is a good idea. ..Bingalau..

  Sapins 19:50 09 Feb 2007

If you have all thought up these ideas to prevent the theft of your device don't you think the thieves will have thought of them as well?

If you don't want your Sat Nav stolen remove it from the car and take it with you, by the way you can password protect Tom Tom devices, not really much good, if someone steals it and can't use it they will just throw it away.

  Bingalau 20:30 09 Feb 2007

Sapins. Well yes, I think we know about removing it from the car. But apparently the tea leaves are liable to see the sucker marks on the windscreen, or even the adaptor with the sucker thingy on. So it probably pays to take that too. I think we also know about the password protection. Anybody else got anti-theft tips please? Not only for TomToms but other valuables in the car. ..Bingalau..

  IClaudio 22:54 09 Feb 2007

Hey, remove it from the car?... never thought of that ;)

I have modified the original TomTom splash screen to include my name and phone number - that may not deter the theft, but may help in recovery.

  Bingalau 09:37 10 Feb 2007

IClaudio. I wouldn't know how to do that, I have only used the device twice so far just to get from A to B. So how do I get my name and phone number and anything else, on to the splash screen. (What's a "Splash Screeen"). ..Bingalau..

  alB 11:43 10 Feb 2007

To cover the sucker mark on the windscreen I use a tax disc holder with a phoney parking permit in, when I take the mount off, I just stick that over the ring mark, works a treat ...alB

  Bingalau 11:59 10 Feb 2007

alB. Good thinking.. Will keep it in mind, it could come in handy in a different car, but I don't get sucker marks on the screen because I stick it to the little glass plate which I have secured to the dashboard. ..Bingalau..

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