Today's computers totally abuse their memory

  jakimo 12:58 11 Mar 2011

and are totally wasteful, you have to wait for the damn things to boot up, just appalling designs. Absolute mess! So dreadful it's heartbreaking."

The words of inventor Sir Clive Sinclair,who gave us the Sinclair ZX80\ZX81 and that dreadful Thermal printer,he may be critical of the way PCs have evolved,but has to be credited for an invention that become so addictive in the 1980s.

My sons pestering for one ended when I paid my £69 at Dixon's,it was then that I discovered that without sound or colour,only a few simple games could be played on it,for school work it was of no use what soever..yet even with a complex keyboard,some keys had several functions, you could not help but learn how to write your own programmes,resulting in thanks to Sir Clive UK programmers are said to be some of the best in the world.

  gengiscant 13:04 11 Mar 2011

If you build yourself then you can pretty much get a very pretty case to store your components.You could go further and mod a case yourself.Have a look at these:click here
As for booting mine,a self build,takes just 27 seconds to boot. I can live with that.

  Kevscar1 13:10 11 Mar 2011

Mine boots while I make a cup of coffee doesn't need to be any faster than that.

  Aitchbee 13:31 11 Mar 2011

this sounds like these computers should be sent to rehab.

maybe a defrag or change of o/s might do them the world of good.

  Chegs ®™ 13:46 11 Mar 2011

I've never timed my machines boot-up,though noticed that when they both ran Vista the laptop needed gamebooster before it had enough resources free to enable it to run a game.Now they're both running Win7,boot times are quicker as the kettle hasn't finished boiling by the time I have my desktop usable & gamebooster isn't strictly necessary on the laptop for my most often played game(though I still run it as otherwise I sometimes get disconnected from the game server)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:18 11 Mar 2011

XP - pentium 4 512mb memory - boots to desktop and usable programs in 28 seconds.

Thats a bit faster than loading a program on my old spectrum

  jakimo 16:51 11 Mar 2011

Do read what my thread is about,and not just the title!

  jakimo 17:23 11 Mar 2011

Depends on how long you take to make a cup of coffee!......If its very slow,give the free software in the link a go
click here

Windows7 also has planty of inbuilt Diags. for speeding up a system.

by the way,my thread title is a quote and nothing to do your computers speed

  Aitchbee 23:00 11 Mar 2011


I guess you don't like modern home pc's.

The first couple of lines give it away.

I still have an old Amiga 1000.

You had to kickstart it with a floppy disk.

Then Workbench (on another floppy).

It cost me about £1100 back in 1985.

It still works.

I now read everybody's threads.

  Armchair 10:34 12 Mar 2011

My old Sinclair Spectrum took three or four minutes to load a game into memory from cassette. Sometimes games would fail to load, and you'd have to start over again. It was great fun to use at the time, but I wouldn't want to go back to stuff like that.

  jakimo 10:44 12 Mar 2011

'The first couple of lines give it away.'

Then read it again....I appreciate the English language can be difficult for some people,but The first couple of lines is not my opinion but that of Sir Clive Sinclair,its clear enough, and nowhere does it suggest I don't like modern home PCs,otherwise I wouldn't have a couple.

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