Todays budget.

  Cymro. 11:43 23 Mar 2011

A couple of questions that will probably have different answer for most of us.
So what do you expect to be in today's budget and what would you like to be in it?

  lotvic 11:50 23 Mar 2011

I'm trying not to think about it :(

  gengiscant 12:01 23 Mar 2011

As long as we all remember 'we're all in this together'.

  Quickbeam 12:14 23 Mar 2011

that everything will go up.

Doesn't take a lot to work that one out does it?

  Strawballs 12:19 23 Mar 2011

He said it will be a budget to boost ecconomy! So he is going to reverse everything he has done so far then!!!

  Covergirl 12:24 23 Mar 2011

. . . prices to rise.

It's all very well for these relatively well paid politicians to increase taxes and prices, as they have a good enough income to be able to still have a decent residue left over after normal living expenses, but for your ordinary Joe in the street, less money has to stretch further.

OK, I realise he's not increasing taxes this time. Yeah, like . . . .

  oresome 12:44 23 Mar 2011

I'm expecting some move towards the £10k tax threshold.

I'm expecting some move towards a simplified state pension of £140 per week.

I'd like to see interest rates rise substantially, such that savings maintain their value.

I'd like a rethink on the raising of pensionable age for women in their mid fifties who are hard hit by the recent changes with little time given to allow for planning.

That'll do for starters

  Seth Haniel 14:19 23 Mar 2011

petrol went up a 1p on Monday

I filled up Sunday
So it will cost me same to fill up tomorrow


Guess who doesn't get my vote

  beeuuem 14:59 23 Mar 2011

"Guess who doesn't get my vote"
The plan to put up petrol by inflation plus 1p was part of previous Budgets of the last government.
So you'll be voting Tory?

  Seth Haniel 15:25 23 Mar 2011

are there only two parties now

  Seth Haniel 16:05 23 Mar 2011

i suppose you never use examples


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