Titanic survivor auctions relics !

  24/7 06:52 16 Oct 2008

Very sad to see this, the last remaining person to have to sell her personal items just to pay for her nursing home...what a shame..god bless her..

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  Quickbeam 09:09 16 Oct 2008

It's sad that 'anyone' has to do this when they were lead to believe that they would be looked after 'from cradle to grave'.

The fact that she was a survivor from a famous disaster has no relevance. Recompense for that would have been dealt with at the time, and she's had a lifetime to get over it to be perfectly cruel.

There are thousands of older people that are in this position and don't get any hearing for their plight. Of course if you live in Scotland I believe they do take care of you.

  wee eddie 09:21 16 Oct 2008

The Scottish Government has yet to have been in the driving seat for long enough for its promises to come home to roost. And I'm not differentiating between the Parties in that statement.

I think that Scotland's Government has made so many Funding Promises that it will be unable to honour many of them, although it may be able to do so in the Short Term, say the next 5 years or so, they've been throwing financial support around like confetti. Old People, Health-care and Schools to name but a few.

  Condom 13:34 16 Oct 2008

Isn't this where the film began? Is she the one with the necklace? This is one of the reasons I never criticise the number of "out of wedlock" babies being born. We need more and more people to be born in the UK to help support our aging population or it will slowly get worse. Good on you love. Enjoy your life for as long as you can with the added bonus that your collection will be enjoyed and looked after long after you are gone.

  ulrich 20:45 16 Oct 2008

For this poor lady. Unfortunately for future taxpayers when I started work I was told as long as I paid my bit to the government I would be looked after, unfortunately I believed this until a few years ago when I was told I need to pay 300 to 400 hundred pounds a month in to a pension fund, I couln't afford this as a single parent living in rented property. I have nothing to sell. So sorry dear future taxpayer you will have to pay for me to live in a old peoples home, of course if there are any.

  Forum Editor 18:01 17 Oct 2008

This woman was nine weeks old when the Titanic sank - she cannot possibly have any recollection of the event. The fact that she has to sell memorabilia has no relevance whatever to the matter of her nursing home fees, other than the fact that she's doing what hundreds of thousands of others have, and will do.

The world changes, and when the time comes for me to collect a pension I don't expect society to honour to the letter promises that might have been made to me forty years earlier, by some government that was in power in an entirely different age, and in different circumstances. No doubt we will all do the best we can to help people who can't help themselves, but we can't solve every problem, every time. No government, no matter what its policies and convictions can do that, and anyone who thinks otherwise is in for a disappointment.

  Condom 20:28 18 Oct 2008

Well as I understand it this woman is now some £30000 richer than she was yesterday. Not bad for a few old clothes and some posters in the current climate. I just hope she is very careful which bank she puts the money in.

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