Titanic Déjà vu

  Quickbeam 12:31 10 Apr 2012

Has anyone else been watching the Titanic dramas on Sunday night TV?

When I watched the second one, which was recorded, I thought I was watching the first one until I noticed that there was a slight difference in the story line and character views, and now having seen the third one, I realise that they are cleverly interweaving several views from a class perspective, of the other classes of passenger's views of each other into the story line. It's quite a different way of putting the story over, bearing in mind that they could spoil it totally with a happy ending...

I'm waiting for the 1958 'A Night To remember' to be on, that version still cuts the mustard with it's stiff upper lip portrayal. If your sick of Titanic memorabilia, you'll just have to avoid your TV for the rest of this week!

  Quickbeam 12:36 10 Apr 2012

I should add that they've all finished with the boat hitting an iceberg, I can't wait to find out how it concludes:)

  interzone55 14:19 10 Apr 2012

I'm a bit worried about this Titanic cruise that's been in the news, apparently it's following the EXACT ROUTE of the Titanic.

I hope they've got enough life rafts this time round...

  Quickbeam 14:29 10 Apr 2012

alan14 did you intend that spoiler?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:04 10 Apr 2012

Titan ic(e)

I thought that was the name of the berg?

Wasn't the ship called "Unsinkable"?

Seen 'A Night To remember' didn't bother wasting 3 hours of my life watching that other long boring film when we all know the ending, won't waste another 3 hours watching the same film in 3D (unless there is an alternative ending no ones told us about).

  Quickbeam 16:53 10 Apr 2012

Titanic 101 featuring Davey Jones...

  Bingalau 19:53 10 Apr 2012

I think it was the sinking of the Titanic that triggered the law governing the amount of lifeboats/rafts that is now in effect worldwide. Except on ferries in places like Pakistan where there always seems to be an awful loss of life. Maybe there they use the same system as ticketing for their trains.

  Bingalau 20:00 10 Apr 2012

I find it fascinating that although the Titanic was registered in Liverpool, it never actually visited the port. (The White Star Line headquarters were in Liverpool). They named one of the passageways after Scotland Road and a big proportion of the crew were Scousers, but apart from Belfast and Southampton I don't think it ever visited any other port.

  Al94 20:29 10 Apr 2012

It also visited Cherbourg and Queenstown (Cobh)

  Aitchbee 20:35 10 Apr 2012

The massive gantries used to construct the Titanic were designed, engineered and built in Glasgow...oops that may not go down well in Glasgow!

  Bingalau 20:58 10 Apr 2012

Thanks for the update re ports of call... I hadn't checked up or googled or I would have known of course.

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