Tiscali Fears Eased?

  crosstrainer 12:54 16 Apr 2009

Just got off the phone to Tiscali, in order to find out what is happening, and if they are likely to go "Off line"

For anyone concerned that they may find themselves without broadband, I was told " In the event of the company being unable to secure financial stability, all customers will receive at lease 2 months notice"

Plenty of time to get a mac code and migrate (which I was just about to do) Will keep on top of this, as it unfolds.

  ened 13:04 16 Apr 2009

I'm afraid the cynic in me doesn't believe them.

They have to say something to stop or prevent the hemorrhaging.

  crosstrainer 13:11 16 Apr 2009

I take your point, and was of the same opinion...Just about to migrate to o2 (who have a better deal anyway as I am with them for my mobile contract)

But looked into it a bit further, and they would not simply "Pull the plug" without notice....Even if it's only 4 weeks, it's ample time to sort things out. The deal I was looking at is this one:

click here

Middle of the three....Cheap for existing contract holders, but will keep a close eye on things.

I have set all my neighbours broadband etc. up over the years, so a day or to of using one of their PCs to do my banking etc would not be a problem if the worse comes to the worse.

  crosstrainer 13:11 16 Apr 2009

to = two :))

  ened 13:34 16 Apr 2009

Perhaps there ought to be some sort of code of practice (enforced by the watchdog) whereby BT allow the line to stay open for a limited period after any isp goes into liquidation.

It is there equipment after all and they are being paid by the provider.

Just a thought.

  oresome 13:57 16 Apr 2009

Ticali's accountants have very recently refused to sign off their accounts.

I fear the time is fast approaching where the subscriber base will be sold on.

  interzone55 14:24 16 Apr 2009
  Clapton is God 14:26 16 Apr 2009

"I fear the time is fast approaching where the subscriber base will be sold on"

To a certain extent I can live with that, as long as I don't suddenly go 'off line' without warning.

  Managing ed 14:49 16 Apr 2009

...in these situations. Tiscali are certainly being bullish when they speak to us. And Top 10 Broadband has been a little irresponsible, I think, in press releasing Tiscali's demise.

click here

However, things are certainly not looking good. On the plus side, the subscriber base is worth a lot to the bigger ISPs, and I'd be amazed if one of them didn't swoop in should the worst happen.

Matt Egan
Managing Editor

  sunnystaines 15:10 16 Apr 2009

at present staying put with them.

alan14 your link is a worry though but as Clapton is God says i'm holding on too.

  Stuartli 16:14 16 Apr 2009

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