Tired of Fighting

  Kevscar1 13:30 21 Dec 2010

Had to appeal the DWP's decison that I amfit to work, won that but now they have dropped me to a different group stopping £10 a week. Evidently it's not serious like cancer. For crying out loud it's the most painful condition in the world, people with it are 900% more likely to commit suicide than any other group. Suffers have self-amputated in an effort to get relief from the pain. So now I have to appeal this. Also got to appeal the decision not to give me early release of my Police pension because desite having 2 reports from Addenbrooke that I have RSD the FME put down undiagnosed hand pain.
Oh and I can't get the cold weather payments because I was self-employed so my benefits are contribution based not income related.
Don't know if I can take much more.

  peter99co 13:42 21 Dec 2010

My Dad used to say "remember there are many worse off than you" Very hard to accept but probably true.

Don't give up!

  interzone55 13:53 21 Dec 2010

My girlfriend's dad had his right leg amputated, so he was entitled to full disability benefit.

He then moved into her house over the winter so they stopped the payments as he was no longer considered disabled - try explaining to a bureaucrat that legs don't grow back...

  Cymro. 15:07 21 Dec 2010

then appeal again if you have to. Many people are successful with such claims on appeal. There was a similar thread a while ago and the advise then is as good now. Get help from the professionals, people like the Citizens Advise, or perhaps some charity for people in your position. There may be some organisation locally that will offer the help that you need.

  carver 15:27 21 Dec 2010

Sorry to hear about DWP's decision, it's happening to quite a few people, all I can say is keep fighting them and don't let them get you down.

I know from experience how you feel, it's like knocking your head against a stone wall but you can win, might take time but do not give up.

We have been fighting for our son for the past 14 years because of his Autism and they are even now trying to stop the money he gets to help him.

Don't even think about suicide, 40% get it wrong and don't succeed, about 30% get it nearly right and can takes ages to die so only about 30 get it right first time, and all you are doing is saving this government money, not worth it.

Maybe after reading your post some of the other forum members on this site might think differently about this Governments POLICY about stopping sick pay or related benefits and "helping" people back to work.

  spuds 15:39 21 Dec 2010

The FME report and opinion might be based on present day forces policy, and a possible cost cutting exercise. Personally I would challenge the report and opinion.

  spuds 15:45 21 Dec 2010

People who are double amputees have had decisions made against them, as not being disabled enough, and that includes someone who I once knew, and who was partially sighted as well.

Red tape and professionalism, is something that you cannot believe at times.

  rickf 16:15 21 Dec 2010

I can't understand why you can't get cold weather payments. It does not make any difference as long as you have paid your national insurance.

  Kevscar1 16:20 21 Dec 2010

The FME is a moron He quotes Dr Shenker Sept report as saying he doesn't think I have RSD when it actually states exactly the opposite.
The Force Employee relations manager is going to take copies of the report and the DWP tribunal decison and ask for a review which is quicker than an appeal but I can still appeal if they don't reverse it.
Carver not thinking about suicide just wish one of the DVT's would break loose and finish things.

  karmgord 20:55 21 Dec 2010

Don't let the B s grind you down,make it your mission and reason in life to carry on and beat them.
Wishing you all the best,good luck,keep strong.
Btw what is happening on the grandchild front?

  Kevscar1 03:17 22 Dec 2010

karmgord boy born Oct. Empty no feelings at all for him. can't even remember the date.

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