Tiny islands of Tokelau make it on to the Web

  TopCat® 14:25 15 Sep 2007

A nice little story that justifies my faith in human nature. It also means so much to the inhabitants.

Rising from just a dot on the map to .tk has already boosted their income by ten percent, but it took four years before the regulator, ICANN, was convinced the islands existed. Such is progress, they say, but I wish them every success in their new venture. TC.

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  Jak_1 17:16 15 Sep 2007

It's taking time but technology is slowly reaching everywhere. Where will the next remote community be to get this technology that we take for granted.

  Forum Editor 17:20 15 Sep 2007

the other day, and it makes interesting reading. It seems that - as Jak_1 says - internet access is gradually seeping into even the most remote corners of the planet, thanks to satellite technology.

  Legolas 17:44 15 Sep 2007

I think the term 'global village' can truly be used now that the Internet is becoming accessible to most parts of the globe. A small world is gradually becoming smaller.

  bluto1 19:19 15 Sep 2007

Great story. All the best to them.

  interzone55 19:50 15 Sep 2007

This happened a while ago on the almost as tiny islands of Vanutu (.vu) and Tuvalu (.tv)

The islands don't make anywhere near as much money as they could do, because the domain has been sold to a third party, who will creme off far more money than the islanders get.

  Forum Editor 00:22 16 Sep 2007

It's worth remembering that if the third party in this case hadn't spent a considerable time (around two years)convincing the domain name authorities that Tokelau was eligible for a high-level suffix the islanders almost certainly would not now have free internet access, or any money from the project - there wouldn't be a project.

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