Tingling in Hands/arm linked to wireless mouse

  Linntw 14:38 26 Sep 2010

I have bought a new apple which came with a wirless mouse and key-board. I find that after a relatively short time my 'mouse hand' starts to tingle and a semi numb feeling creeps up my arm.

I'm wondering if this can be an early sign of Hypersensitivity to Electromagnetic fields?

Is anyone aware of any research on this topic?

  lotvic 14:44 26 Sep 2010

sounds more like the symptoms of repetitive strain injury

  Linntw 14:49 26 Sep 2010

I don't think so. I'm just switching from an old Dell to the new Appel and it doesn't happen with the Dell which has a plug in mouse.Thanks for replying though.

  Forum Editor 15:06 26 Sep 2010

with another mouse doesn't mean it's not a Repetitive strain problem. A smaller mouse, or one with a different shape can easily cause the problem.

It's very unlikely to be caused by the very weak EM field generated by a mouse or keyboard.

  Linntw 15:13 26 Sep 2010

after 5 days of use?

  spuds 15:22 26 Sep 2010

Check to see how your hand, wrist, arms and fingers lie with the old and the new set-up. If there is a difference, then that might be the problem, and a gel-pad might help.

If you do a search on the internet, there is quite a number of sites offering information on this subject.

I think that you can count out radiation. Possibly in your life, you have more radiation around you than a wireless keyboard or mouse. Even your mobile phone or local mast would be giving off more radiation on a daily basis.

I have constant tingling down my arms into my fingers, plus down my legs into my toes, sometimes to the point of semi-numbness. This was caused by a nerve injury during a medical operation, and something that I now have to ignore. Would mention that when the symptoms first appeared, the GP thought it was the onset of diabetes, which proved not so!.

  Forum Editor 15:25 26 Sep 2010

After five hours of use in some cases.

  Pineman100 17:08 26 Sep 2010

The RSI explanation certainly sounds the more likely. However, tingling and numbness can be symptoms of a number of conditions. You would be wise to talk to your GP about them.

As spuds says, slight changes in the way you hold the new mouse might have revealed an underlying problem.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:58 26 Sep 2010

It could simply be that the new mouse is causing unwanted pressure on a nerve. I once had a problem with a new mouse causing my hand to ache, so much so that I stopped using it after only three days.

  peter99co 18:16 26 Sep 2010

I have to stop at least fifteen mins per each two hour session when scanning and sorting my photographs. Get a pain in back of neck as well.

  morddwyd 19:51 26 Sep 2010

Just to divert the thread a little - a touch screen would help with your particular task.

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