TimeUK to buy Evesham?

  interzone55 10:43 10 Jul 2007

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Now that would be a disaster.

When I worked @ Time I wondered why Evesham PCs, which used the same components as Time PCs, where much better regarded by press & users.

The only answers I could come up with were that the PCs were built with more pride, and the software set-up was better.

If Time now buys Evesham the only respected volume PC producer left in the UK will be gone.

  spuds 12:43 10 Jul 2007

We never seem to hear much about the 'new' TimeUK, or their products in the various forums!.

  interzone55 12:51 10 Jul 2007

I feel that's probably because few people with any sense will be buying the products.

I saw the other week that they'd set up an online TV shop click here they must be making more money on TVs than they did on PCs, mind you, TV's generate a whole lot less support calls than PCs

  crosstrainer 12:55 10 Jul 2007

Two names that make me shudder with horror...if I remember correctly, both companies were really all about selling cheap, nasty kit but making large amounts of money on warranties. No offence meant if you worked for Time :)

  interzone55 16:19 10 Jul 2007

No offence taken.

Time & Tiny were the same company in the end, as Time bought the Tiny name in 2002.

Essentially the PCs were built as cheaply as possible, that involved buying the cheapest parts and employing the cheapest workers.

Using the premise that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, the PCs were very shoddily assembled, on a number of occasions we had PCs leave before they'd had the operating systems ghosted, or without internal components properly connected.

The two years I spent there were not the most fulfilling years of my life, but I did enjoy working there as my particular job role allowed me a certain amount of freedom to wander the premises and experience departments. Because of my wanderings I found the place to be an administrative nightmare, which probably added more to operating costs than anything else

  crosstrainer 17:03 10 Jul 2007

And to subsequent insolvency!

  spikeychris 17:06 10 Jul 2007

where you based at Simonstone?

  Huffster 17:07 10 Jul 2007

It's on PCA

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  interzone55 17:11 10 Jul 2007

Yes, you are correct to a point.

Only about half of the companies involved with Granville Technology Group went under, which meant that it was fairly simple for them to unload their debt and restart under a slightly different name.

Luckily I managed to escape a couple of months before the collapse, but I could see it coming and jumped ship at the first opportunity.

  Flak999 17:17 10 Jul 2007

I have owned Evesham machines for years now, and although not without their problems, I have always found their technical support and warranty service to be second to none.

If Time take over, it will be nothing short of a disaster! Their name is synonymous with poor quality, bad customer service and a complacent attitude.

Where to go for my next machine? Maybe its time to build it myself!

  interzone55 17:20 10 Jul 2007

I certainly was, mainly in and around the Service Centre

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