barca1 18:01 03 Apr 2008

Got our voting car through this morning & my wife wanted to throw it in the bin, Cant see Gordon Brown been anywhere near close on this election..me thinks he'll landslide right down...

  dan** 18:14 03 Apr 2008

'Got our voting car through this morning'

They give you a car to go and vote?

Which political party does that?

Oh and which election is this.

  Pine Man 18:16 03 Apr 2008

.. can we choose which make we want?

  Forum Editor 18:17 03 Apr 2008

is referring to the May Council elections.

As for the 'car', that was quite obviously a slip of the finger - everyone does it, and it's probably polite not to make a thing of it.

  barca1 18:20 03 Apr 2008

UPP's sorry guys & FE i mean "CARD"..doh...

  dan** 18:20 03 Apr 2008


PS no may elections here.:-)

  Pine Man 18:23 03 Apr 2008

It's slips like these that 'lighten' up the forum:-))

  Devil Fish 18:36 03 Apr 2008

ithink you are confussing local and general elections
the local elections coming up in may should be decided on local issues though it could give the pm a headache if people choose to use it as a vote of no confidence in the goverment however it wont remove him from power.

A general election is the one to change the government however looking at recent opinion polls i cant see that happening any time soon

  techie4me 18:39 03 Apr 2008

My local area is a strong hold for the Residents Association.
Much prefer when it's a national election & i can use my vote wisely for a 'proper' party like this one click here

  Bingalau 20:03 03 Apr 2008

I am aways saying "I can remember this and I can remember that.." Can anyone else remember when the political parties used to actually take older and infirm people to the polls?

  Jim Thing 20:51 03 Apr 2008

"Can anyone else remember when the political parties used to actually take older and infirm people to the polls?"

Yes, and local well-known worthies got similar treatment. A local clergyman once told me that the Tories had offered him a lift to the polling station. "But I'm a Labour voter" he said. Doesn't matter" they replied. "Just go in our car."

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