Is time running out for the wristwatch?

  Diemmess 13:52 28 Oct 2010

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It seems the older you are the more likely to use/need a wristwatch.

Over the years I can remember several I've had, mainly because when one went wrong I bought a cheapo because I hated being without "the time" while my posh watch was being repaired.

My four offspring seem to be half and half, two like me feel bereft and two rely on the clocks and watches around them or as the article says, their mobiles.

  canarieslover 14:02 28 Oct 2010

I haven't worn a watch since I retired 6 years ago. I rarely need to know the exact time and if I do need to I am usually in the car going to the appointment and there is a clock in the car. Very rarely do I even look at my phone for the time as I seldom switch it on. I guess a total lack of worrying about the time is one of the greatest pleasures of retirement.

  colberly 14:03 28 Oct 2010

Possibly due to having to wear a watch as part of my 'uniform' during my working years I tend not to bother anymore, but rely on my mobile or even car clock as well as clocks around the house. I just don't feel the need for a wristwatch.

  interzone55 14:14 28 Oct 2010

I have several watches, which I wear on a day depends on my mood. A couple are automatic, so I have to wear them quite regularly, others aren't worn for several weeks.

I've currently got three awaiting replacement batteries.

My most expensive watch is worth a couple of grand (a proper swiss watch bought when I was flush) and the cheapest is a £30 swatch...

  interzone55 14:16 28 Oct 2010

On a side note, why after all these years are PC clocks still totally inaccurate.

My laptop is generally spot on because it syncs with a time server on a weekly basis, but my work PC drifts by a couple of minutes and is only corrected twice a year when the clocks change.

Luckily my mobile is synced by the GPS signal, so is very accurate...

  wiz-king 14:20 28 Oct 2010

I have never been allowed to wear one at work - or rings on hands - first as a fitter, when metal and big traction batteries was a definite no no then in the medical sector where germs were a risk. So I have never been used to wearing one, except for the cheap plastic ones I used to get from the garage and coat with araldite resin to use when caving! Now I have a mobile phone I don't need one - I have a couple in the house just in case but rarely wear one.

  exprog 14:40 28 Oct 2010

I suppose policemen still wear them....

(If you want to know the time, ask a policeman)..


  johndrew 15:17 28 Oct 2010

Policemen are also a rarity - unless seen (at least two up) hurtling around in cars!!

  Bingalau 15:30 28 Oct 2010

I still use a pocket watch. I also wear a wrist watch. Mobile phone is switched on only when in my car.

Talking of pocket watches ... did you hear about the hypnotist who was entertaining a gang of pensioners in a huge theatre. He was swinging the watch too and fro as they do and saying, "I want all of you to look at this watch, it is made of real gold and very expensive. You will all respond to my commands and do exactly as I say" He then accidentally dropped the watch and it smashed to bits on the floor. "S--t" he said. It took them three months to clean the auditorium.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:45 28 Oct 2010

an old digital that keeps terrible time but I wear for sentimental reasons and mentally correct the time (it gains about 4 seconds a day) because it was a gift from Mrs WTM nearly 20 years ago.

Otherwise I am more inclined to wear a fob watch, of which I have 2. 1 is a cheap one for everyday use, and the other is an old gold railway watch which I use for best, and is an amazingly accurate timepiece.


  Belatucadrus 17:04 28 Oct 2010

I almost always wear one and think that faffing about digging the mobile out of your pocket when all you need is a quick glance at the wrist seems a real retrograde step.

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