Is time running out for GMT?...

  hijo 22:09 25 Jan 2007

OMG this is a major thing even when ur downloading a file or any kinda softwear...whats ur thoughts....??

click here

  Kate B 22:16 25 Jan 2007

Sorry, hijo, I don't understand you - why would aligning the clocks with the rest of Europe be a major thing when downloading software?

  octal 22:21 25 Jan 2007

GMT or UTC will always be there, it's used by all the worlds military, aviation and all types of communication.

The world is divided up into into 25 zones, Zulu time being GMT west Alpha is to the east of the GMT line.

  octal 22:23 25 Jan 2007

I meant to add the report in your link is factually wrong.

  Devil Fish 22:31 25 Jan 2007

Gmt is here to stay

You can play about with time IE move it forwards or backwards, Time as we know it is a man made measurement

but i think moving the meridian line might posse a bit of a problem

as for downloading software it doesn't really matter what the time is i download from servers all over the world with differing time zones so i wouldn't worry to much

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:41 25 Jan 2007

I fail to see the point.


  Forum Editor 00:10 26 Jan 2007

Ditto to that.

It certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with downloading software.

  Jak_1 00:17 26 Jan 2007

Policticians have live in fantasy land since they first started, they still do. It's a vital qualification of being a politician!

The meridian 0 will always be meridian 0 and so will GMT.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:25 26 Jan 2007

Tim Yeo should keep taking the pills.

  tullie 08:08 26 Jan 2007

By the way folks,the prime meridian has not allways run through Greenwich

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:17 26 Jan 2007

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