The time to remember is almost apon us

  hssutton 10:54 07 Nov 2010

The time to remember is almost apon us. living in bomber county surrounded by old world war 11 airfields, the battle of britain memorial flight being close by as well as the Lincoln Aviation Heritage Centre, I thought this might be the time to post this image of a Lancasters night time taxi.

Taken last night.

click here

  hssutton 10:56 07 Nov 2010

Whoops "apon" should of course be upon. Oh for a spell checker

  Diemmess 15:08 07 Nov 2010

Lovely picture. No3(?) engine looks unhappy

  john bunyan 15:24 07 Nov 2010

Just looking at a copy of a RAF "Operations Record Book" from 23/24 Aug 1943 . RAF Langar - 12 Lancasters from 207 Sqn were part of a 900 odd bomber raid on Berlin. My father was a navigator in ED550K.Previous night successfuly attacked Leverkeusen, but on Berlin raid my father's Lanc was shot down by a German night fighter and he became on of 55,000 Bomber Command KIA in WW2.

  Forum Editor 15:41 07 Nov 2010

My father was also a Lancaster navigator.

  lucky1 16:11 07 Nov 2010

Great photograph hssutton.

  Bingalau 16:58 07 Nov 2010

john bunyan, I met a Lancaster Bomber surviver a couple of times about four/five years ago who used to run a B & B just about a half mile from CTC toward Exeter. I stayed there a couple of times and he was a very proud man. He has written a book about his exploits as he was shot down over Germany or France and I think was a POW for some time. He still had the remnants of his parachute which had been burned somehow. I've forgotten his name. Last time I stayed there was about four years ago and he had just lost his wife, but was trying his damnedest to keep his B & B business going. He had relatives living in Australia who wanted him to move out there for the rest of his days. He was a member of the Officer's Mess at CTC.

  hssutton 18:32 07 Nov 2010

Exactly the same as my cousin, Lancaster navigator missing over Germany. We never found out the details.

  Brumas 18:34 07 Nov 2010

Wow! what a photograph!
Whilst at the Lincoln Aviation Heritage Centre many moons ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Emeny (the last airman taken across the Pyrenees by the Comète Line) When pressed he told me about when he had to bale out, badly burnt, and how the French doctor who subsequently tended to his wounds had had to send to England for some special dressings. They were delivered, actually addressed, to him and the doctor had kept the wrappings and presented them to Ron after the war when he returned to look up everyone who had helped him.
I stood gazing at the Lanc and asked Ron how on earth did he manage to exit the doomed aircraft which was on fire and twisting and turning all over the place, he replied he had no option! I commented that it must have been quite a tight squeeze and how I would love to actually see inside the aircraft. Pointing to the chap leaning on the counter he said ask Harold then, with that Harold Panton chucked the keys across to Ron telling him to let me go as far as the main spar and make sure I didn’t touch anything.
The next half hour was unforgettable - I could go on but isn’t there a 500 word limit?

  sunnystaines 18:34 07 Nov 2010

is that PA474 did not realise it still flew

  john bunyan 19:07 07 Nov 2010

Brilliant photo BTW! Found my fathers details as I worked in the Netherlands where in a small graveyard in the North, a committee looks after the graves of 24 RAF aircrew. Went to a exhibition where some Dutch enthusiasts had excavated planes - including my father's - a bit eerie to see the rusted navigator's "cubby" and compass etc. There was one survivor - tail gunner , whose whole turret was blown off, with him losing a leg. Met the old nurse who looked after him - they tried to get hin into the MI9 escape line but he was captured.
FE - glad your father survived - these unpressurised bombers were cold, and the navigators only had slide rules as calculators...

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