Time to honour our 1st Police WPC

  finerty 18:26 01 Feb 2011

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Came across this article today. Karpal Kaur Sandhu joined London's Metropolitan Police exactly 40 years ago, on 1 February 1971.

I was probably nearly one years old, Sadly she was murdered by her husband.

  Woolwell 19:06 01 Feb 2011

First Asian woman PC. The first policewoman was Edith Smith click here.

I'm not sure that anyone should be honoured because of their race white Euroepan or Asian.

  Woolwell 19:08 01 Feb 2011

I like this bit "One of them is Sameera Bhatti, who is based in Stratford in east London and is a trainee detective constable.

"It shouldn't matter whether I am a female or a male, what religion I come from, what my background is, what country I'm from. At the end of the day the police serves all communities," she said."

  sunnystaines 19:37 01 Feb 2011

Det Sgt Gurpal Virdi, i thought he was sacked for bogus racial claims.

  sunnystaines 19:49 01 Feb 2011

article dated 2011. i must have got it wrong, must have been someone similar name

  birdface 10:01 02 Feb 2011

I have to agree with Woolwell.
[I'm not sure that anyone should be honoured because of their race white Euroepan or Asian.]
Honours should be for outstanding work or bravery in the line of duty.
This springs to mind for me.

click here

  dagbladet 10:06 02 Feb 2011


Not sure what message you're trying to convey with that link.

  finerty 13:19 02 Feb 2011

woolwell and buteman what have you done that is so gallant and so heroic....... may be your jealous that you haven't received a honour or maybe you have been very very lost in your minds for too long unable to recognise common sense, or even hlp your own community.

  spuds 13:20 02 Feb 2011

Perhaps we should honour all the people of the Commonwealth who helped Great Britain in the various wars, including those from Nepal, who apparently have no rights to stay in the UK?.

  birdface 13:44 02 Feb 2011

Maybe the first gay policeman or women should also be honoured.
Where do you stop.

dagbladet the message was that she died in the line of duty so deserves to be honoured.
I am not saying that Karpal Kaur Sandhu never did a good job just saying you have to be or do something outstanding to receive such an honour.
And you should not receive it for the colour of your skin.
If by all means she has done some outstanding work then she deserves to be honoured.

She died performing her duty and she was murdered while going back home. So in those circumstances I think she should have a memorial," said Det Sgt Gurpal Virdi of the Metropolitan Police Sikh Association.

I don't know she was probably a very well liked officer and did an exceptional job but to me everyone that puts on a police uniform deserves some form of recognition, And what message will that send out to others that have done as well or maybe even better.

  bremner 14:26 02 Feb 2011

Can I clarify something as there seems to be confusion bewteen receiving an honour and having a memorial.

It has become the norm after the efforts of Michael Winner for officers killed performing their duty have a memorial placed at or near the site of their death. click here

Yvonne Fletcher's is near the spot she fell in St James Square. She has not received an honour simply a memorial. She was an officer in the wrong place at the wrong time. She did not commit an act of bravery she was just doing her job.

Virdi is asking for a memorial to be placed for PC Sandhu as he believes that the circumstances of her death amount to her having effectively been killed whilst performing her duty. This is a moote point.

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