Throw away your remotes and your dimmer switches..

  realist 11:50 13 Mar 2007

Mr Brown has decided that we can save the planet by not leaving out appliances on stand-by and by not using incandescent light bulbs.

It seems to me that human nature is such that in the absence of stand-by people will simply leave their appliances on full power.

Those new-fangled energy saving bulbs are fine except they don't work with dimmer switches and the amount of light they actually emit is dismally low. They are also not compatible with PIR sensing security lights.

  realist 11:53 13 Mar 2007

typo..not leaving our appliances

  Kate B 12:10 13 Mar 2007

Hmm, how many threads have we now got running on a) global warming b) its veracity or otherwise c) thinly veiled hostility to Gordon Brown d) tungsten lightbulbs e) some of the above f) all of the above?

on a) Global warming is a fact
on b) only nutters think it's not manmade
on c) Gordon Brown is a good chancellor and I hope will be a good PM
on d) I hate energy-saving lightbulbs

  Stuartli 12:11 13 Mar 2007

The majority are going to be incandescent with rage....

  silverous 12:16 13 Mar 2007

Let me shed some light on this ;-) (pun intended)

The article I read described that low energy versions of some kinds of bulbs are either not available or difficult to get hold of but it was thought that production would increase by the time this happens.

Our house is full of halogen bulbs replacing the horrid low energy bulbs the builder (had to) put in. Apparently you can/will be able to get low energy versions to replace.

Surely the concept is sound, it is the product that is the issue and that may well improve?

  beeuuem 12:27 13 Mar 2007

A) Global warming may be a fact.
B) I am a nutter.
C) As a pension contributor, it depends on your definition of 'good'.
d) Energy saving bulbs are useful in some applications.

  Bingalau 12:33 13 Mar 2007

We could always go back to candles or paraffin lamps.

  Totally-braindead 12:35 13 Mar 2007

The council here have rather annoyed some of the local people, myself included. They prance about going on about global warming and saying we must save power by switching off lights etc and then the half-wit councillors we have spend £10,000 on out local world war one monument, which overlooks our town, lighting it all up.
I don't know how much it costs to light it up every night but that is a waste of money and energy there. Its never been lit up before so why they suddenly feel that it has to be lit up I don't know.
Also they spent this money without asking anyone, I was told it was because the costs were below a certain level. If its above a certain amount they have to ask, lower than that they can do as they please.
Total two faced wasters, in my opinion of course.

  Stuartli 12:54 13 Mar 2007

ITV News carried a story the other night about all the Government buildings in London being lit up day and night, even if there were only a handful of people in the building.

Beggars belief.

  Bob The Nob© 18:17 13 Mar 2007

Here here Kate!

Global warming has been happening for millions of years, thats how the planet came out of an ice age

  Forum Editor 18:22 13 Mar 2007

overtly party-political references. Whether or not a particular individual will make a good Prime Minister hasn't any bearing on the way we deal, or fail to deal with gobal warming as individuals.

Leaving appliances on stand-by, and computers running all night, is simply a waste of energy, and a potential fire hazard, and we could all do ourselves and the planet a favour by switching things completely off at night, or when we're out of the house during the day. That's just commonsense.

The light from low energy light bulbs makes me think I'm in a morgue or something, and I won't have them in the house. I'll have low-voltage halogen lights with 20Watt lamps though, and feel that I'm partly doing my bit. six of them in the office ceiling and six halogen desklamps provide all the light we need, and total 240 watts in all.

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