THREE DAYS driving up and down the M4

  peter99co 14:18 27 Dec 2010

From the reports

'My colleagues are now thinking of investing in Peuget 307's because they must be very economical to run with lots and lots of miles to the gallon.

click here

  Legolas 14:36 27 Dec 2010

I think this is the best quote from the story

"CCTV footage showed him leaving Gatwick airport at 8pm on Thursday but there the trail ran cold."

'Cold' it was /@7#&% freezing

  anchor 14:38 27 Dec 2010

Perhaps someone in his family will buy him a SatNav for a New Years present.

  spuds 17:38 27 Dec 2010

He seemed to have made the journey from Heathrow to Gatwick without problems. I wonder if his wifes navigation skills had anything to do with that?.

I now wonder if the DVLA and/or police would conduct an inquiry as to this gentleman's competence to drive?.

  Clapton is God 18:16 27 Dec 2010

"I now wonder if the DVLA and/or police would conduct an inquiry as to this gentleman's competence to drive?"

And, perhaps whilst they're doing that, they should also conduct an enquiry into his ability to read/understand English (road signs).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:37 27 Dec 2010

The man is a half-wit or has some sort of advanced confusion.....either way he should be immediately banned as he is not safe to drive.


  Kevscar1 05:33 28 Dec 2010

How can you say he's not safe to drive. 3 days no accidents. Wonder if you could do as well.

  Quickbeam 07:36 28 Dec 2010

It's a sad fact that many elderly drivers refuse to accept that they're no longer fit to drive, when in truth they know it all along.

Before you all scream at me, I'm sure that I'll also feel that way one day and not want to lose my freedom voluntarily.

One member here this year has said that they realised that their driving days are now over and I take my hat off to them, I hope I will be the same, but the chances are that we'll all refuse to see the obvious when it's in front of us.

What's needed is bi-annual competence checks at age 65-75 and then annual checks, not driving tests, checks on reflexes, sight and the like to check your ability to carry on driving safely, and they should be carried out independently at a DVLA nominated medical centre that doesn't allow your own GP to test you. The results should be available to insurers, and then I'm sure most drivers will retire from driving voluntarily by the cost of insurance premiums that would be reflected by the results of their check.

At present a Doctor has to notify DVLA that a driver is not fit to drive if they fall into compulsory notification classes, but are reluctant to do so other than that. This way every one would have to pass regular age related competence checks without their personal GP feeling guilty if they fail you.

  Quickbeam 08:11 28 Dec 2010

There's always room for compromises in my cures.

  morddwyd 09:50 28 Dec 2010

I have always said that it is drivers who should have an MoT Test three years after their first vehicle licence was issued, and annually thereafter, not cars!

  Quiller. 09:58 28 Dec 2010

Most over 60's go for an annual health check in our part of the world.

They could easily incorporate a basic sight, competence check into the system.

Anyone gaga or blind as a bat could be referred on to a driving assessment course.

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