Threat Map

  J B 17:50 25 Apr 2007

I just had this sent to me from a friend of mine click here Kind of makes you wonder what kind of world we live in, that said it does make life rather interesting, (tongue in cheek). J.B.

  Kate B 17:56 25 Apr 2007

good grief, it's hard on the eyes *reaches for sunglasses*

  anskyber 17:58 25 Apr 2007

Certainly one for the incurably paranoid.

  Forum Editor 18:03 25 Apr 2007

The map is entitled "Terrorism events and other suspicious activity"

'Other suspicious activity' is a tad vague, don't you think? I don't see an icon for that dodgy-looking bloke who was hanging around the entrance to the Waterloo Eurostar terminal on Monday.

  Kate B 18:10 25 Apr 2007

I don't think we need to worry too much about a suspicious package in Pennsylvania click here

  J B 18:23 25 Apr 2007

Some of the stuff on that site is for the paranoid and it is a little rough on the eyes. It kind of makes you wonder if we are governed by a bunch of paranoid people, or could it be that they are just trying to scare the wits out of sensible people. I am all for being and feeling secure in everyday life but I think this site is taking things to the extreme. J.B.

  spuds 18:25 25 Apr 2007

Two more worldwide events information websites click here click here

  Weskit 18:25 25 Apr 2007

Just keep your head down, ...(your eyes on the ball and follow through...)

  Kate B 19:32 25 Apr 2007

pfft, the Sunday Times is an oversized tabloid that runs the flimsiest of speculative stories. Meanwhile, of course al Qaeda is is planning a big UK attack, that's a given, it's not really a story at all.

  J B 22:56 25 Apr 2007

Well, I won't be bookmarking these sites as I think they are a waste of space. the ST used to be a good paper I agree but if you take a look at any paper on a given day the majority of the of the leaders are very simular in content but with a different slant put on them. It reminds me of the old saying "if you read one you read them all". J.B.

  johndrew 10:03 26 Apr 2007

`.. dodgy-looking bloke who was hanging around the entrance to the Waterloo Eurostar terminal on Monday.`

Ahh, so you saw him as well!!!!!!

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