Threat of higher broadband pricing looms

  TopCat® 15:45 13 Aug 2007

as online video gets ever more popular. click here This is putting extra strain on available bandwidth, especially at peak times. TC.

  Totally-braindead 15:50 13 Aug 2007

Strange how Tiscali is the one who is "concerned" and worries about having to increase its prices whereas BT which monitors the infrastructure had no concerns.

If it did become an issue, I could do without YouTube and the like, especially if it cost me more.

  Cymro. 16:30 13 Aug 2007

With more competition than ever I was expecting prices to go down not up, or was than just me being overoptimistic?

  spuds 17:14 13 Aug 2007

Tiscali seem to be trying to shoot themselves in the foot. One minute they are trying to offload companies, the next there is talk of possible further buy-outs.

Having just been offered a special combined deal by Tiscali, due to being "a very loyal long term customer", then later having a terrible time trying to obtain the deal after many hold-ups and excuses. Tiscali are not quite my flavour of the month at this moment.

  TopCat® 17:36 13 Aug 2007

not everyone has jumped onto the video downloading bandwagon just yet, so I believe any price increase should be aimed at these high bandwidth users and not an across the board increase to everyone.

There's only so much of each provider's bandwidth to go around and that is already being throttled back at busy times. TC.

  Totally-braindead 19:17 13 Aug 2007

TopCat® not trying to be arguementative or anything but whether you believe any price increase should be aimed at the high bandwidth users or not, if there is a price increase I wouldn't be surprised if they increased everyones prices saying something like, its not our fault its the people using the video all the time. And they might do this whether its true or not, higher prices equals more money to them and it would be a good excuse from their point of view.

  TopCat® 20:24 13 Aug 2007

It's ironic that the really high bandwidth consumers that used to be warned about excessive use will now become possibly the most lucrative for the providers. In my estimation, we will see an end to the so-called 'no-limit' service and everyone will pay according to the monthly amount of online activity they require. What say you? TC.

  Totally-braindead 20:29 13 Aug 2007

Mind you I'm thinking about 2 years ago when I was with Tiscali and they kicked a load of people off who were downloading 24/7 so they could target the high users if they wished.

Call my cynical but its too good an opportunity for them to up their prices to everyone.

  Chegs ®™ 01:49 14 Aug 2007

I was a contented Tiscali 2MB user until I discovered I was only getting 1MB so I "upgraded" to their "upto 8MB" package.That was over a month ago & I have yet to see my surfing speed higher than a bloody dialup modem during daylight.I finally got a call from some call-centre in (presumably)india to try and address my problem.His final attempt to placate me was stating "there's a problem with Netgear routers detecting excessive noise on the line...." Utter tosh,if that was remotely true then my switching to 2 different routers would have cured it.I finally decided to switch ISP,THATS when I got to speak to an english sounding bloke who was ever so nice when he told me my MAC code would arrive inbetween 1 hour and 5 days hence.

  TopCat® 13:35 14 Aug 2007

What you say about Netgear routers 'detecting excessive noise on the line' is interesting. I have the DG834G and on its Statistics panel it shows I have a high line attenuation. Maybe there's something in what that chap said?

Readings: Downstream: 3776 kbps Upstream: 448 kbps

Line Attenuation: Down: 48 db and Up: 15.5 db

Noise Margin: Down: 10 db and Up: 19 db

I read somewhere that a high downstream line attenuation figure, over 20, should be investigated as it meant excess 'noise' on the line and slower downloads. Would that be correct? TC.

  Chegs ®™ 13:50 14 Aug 2007

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream

Connection Speed 5760 kbps 448 kbps

Line Attenuation 49 db 13 db

Noise Margin 8 db 19 db

I have pasted my routers statistics here,apart from the speed difference there's not much change between the noise figures.I also have a Netgear 834G.

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