Thousands of jobs created in Hull

  peter99co 17:25 20 Jan 2011

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: Today's announcement is, however, just the first hurdle and now the real work has to start.

  jakimo 23:33 20 Jan 2011

That will be a major change for Hull,up to now most of the wind has been created by their favourite son John Prescott

  Uboat 01:12 21 Jan 2011

Guys as some of you may remember I am from Hull (named Dull if you’re from there), myself & my wife have just left there we got sick of the Tsunami of negativeness and lack of work & you better believe it!!!
So we moved to Lincolnshire to look for work, I found work within two weeks of moving & I am now happily loving the job so far..
Hull is doomed! The council are about to Axe 2500 jobs! & One of hull’s biggest employers is about to relocate abroad so that’s another 700+ jobs, as well as this there has been several other decent sized companies go under with almost a 1000 jobs lost, I applied for a job in a hotel called “Owners Hotel” I didn’t receive a reply so I called their HR and asked why they couldn’t at least of emailed me,

the lady said tbh we have had OVER 300 people apply for the one position??? Two months later the same hotel was headlines in the hull daily mail because staff hadn’t been paid for over six weeks & then a week after the story came out it shut! It’s been shut ever since and it was one of the best unique hotels in hull.

Believe me if this so called wind turbine company is going to bring 1000’s of jobs it won’t be before time!

Lastly ive noticed the article stated "The two companies hope to sign definitive agreements this year" lets just hope its going to be signed and not ditched!..hull is in very VERY Dire Straits now!

  spuds 13:26 21 Jan 2011

When I start to read 'Economic Development and Regeneration', I start to get the impression of massive public funding and grant aid in the making. Yet the people 'putting into these schemes' seem to use other peoples equity, with the catch phrases of 'Thousands of Jobs' will be created as the bonus punch line.

Where I live, we are constantly being told of this or that new 'regeneration', yet nothing major ever seems to transpire from the talking stages. Employment in my area, and I suspect the same in other areas, is based on how the scales are swinging. One company is recruiting, when another is disposing of staff, or closing down completely. Developers are going to develop whole areas, yet later on, they could not even raise the funds that was needed or talked about, so another great achievement project, didn't even materialise any further than the meetings or drawing board.

We have just been informed that one of the local companies have just employed 25 extra people and are seeking an extra 50 more. This particular company is in advertising, and I think that says it all about British industry nowadays.

  Al94 14:22 21 Jan 2011

Seems to be going much better in Germany click here

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