Those of you who know of Nontek, a fellow forum member.

  Forum Editor 17:56 01 Jun 2014

would wish to know that he is very ill in hospital, and faces major surgery on Tuesday of the coming week.

I'm sure you will want to spare a thought for him, and send him wishes for a speedy recovery.

  Flak999 17:58 01 Jun 2014

All the best, to him and his family!

  rdave13 18:05 01 Jun 2014

Wish Technotiger/ Nontek my very best and look foreword to seeing his postings here again.

  wee eddie 18:10 01 Jun 2014

I hope that the Op runs smoothly and that recuperation is as swift as can be hoped for

  bumpkin 18:13 01 Jun 2014

Best wishes to nontek for a successful result, never good news to hear of members becoming ill but thanks to FE for informing us.

  Aitchbee 18:43 01 Jun 2014

Hope all goes well Nontek ... we're hopin' you'll back here ASAP on PCA's speakers forum ... even stronger and as eloquent as ever before.

  carver 19:24 01 Jun 2014

May you have the best surgeon possible and a short and successful recovery.

Apart from that just get better we need you back here.

  fourm member 19:56 01 Jun 2014

'spare a thought for him'

And for his family who will be worried until they know how the operation has gone.

  john bunyan 20:55 01 Jun 2014

All best wishes Nontek. Went through a similar experience so really hope it goes well. Do let us know via family how it goes.

  Brumas 22:18 01 Jun 2014

I can only echo what everyone else has put and add best wishes for a successful operation and a trouble free convalescence.

  AroundAgain 00:24 02 Jun 2014

Sorry to hear Nontek is so very ill. Will be thinking of, and praying for, a good outcome from his surgery and an uneventful and speedy recovery.

Will also be thinking and praying for the family too. Yes, a very tough time for everyone.

Hope to see posts from Nontec on here again before too long.

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