Those that have..........

  Seth Haniel 08:08 04 Dec 2009

click here

booked a £65,000 cruise, aboard the world maiden voyage of Cunard's Queen Victoria, expecting the "holiday of a lifetime".

(Mrs Milner bought 21 gowns costing £4,300 but was unable to wear any of them. )

  Seth Haniel 09:15 04 Dec 2009

so I expect you'll be hoping on one then
Afraid my holidays for the last 10 years have come to a lot less than what she spent on her outfits :(

and I have been to a lot of countries

  bri-an 09:49 04 Dec 2009

So are you suggesting they shouldn't have been allowed to have a holiday that expensive, or was your point about the damages claim and whether it was justified?

  Seth Haniel 10:13 04 Dec 2009

For that sort of money I'd want a holiday.

But as i've said I have averaged 2 holidays a year for the last 10 years for less than the cost of her outfits and only one flight delayed 4 hours in that time.

Afraid even if I won the lotto I woulnd'nt be paying that sort of money - just status value really

  dagbladet 10:53 04 Dec 2009

In respect of the claim, it's difficult to make a sound judgement based on the limited info to hand. However, in the spirit of debate, given the info available from the article, I'm veering on the side of Cunard in that they appear to have done everything possible to accommodate (pun) these passengers. I assume that given the nature of the cruise and the costs involved the customers expectations were incredibly high and felt they had not been achieved. I don’t see what more Cunard could have done and feel the award is excessive.

Regarding whether or not anybody should have such a grand and expensive holiday. Of course! If they can afford it, why not? I have managed to take my family away every year for a week thanks largely to the budget airlines. Long hours on the net waiting for the £5 EW (inc taxes) has allowed the kids to see a fair bit of Europe in their young lives. It’s hand luggage only, and family pensions (B&B) at the other end, but it’s fine. Perhaps because it’s budget all the way, our expectations are not high. We like to see new places and accept that on our budget it’s not going to be palatial. Subsequently, if the pension ends up being anything above clean, comfortable and secure, we feel we’ve done well. However, for those that have through good endeavour, amassed the kind of wealth that allows them to embark on round the world cruises in the most luxurious ships, then good luck to them. Let’s face it, if everyone had to travel budget airline, my lot wouldn’t get to Austria for £10 return would we?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:53 04 Dec 2009

Shrouds don't have pockets.


  bri-an 12:56 04 Dec 2009

"For that sort of money I'd want a holiday."

But surely 15 weeks cruising would be exactly that - a holiday (for some people!)?
As has been said, if they have the cash and want to do that, then good luck to them - they are providing jobs and a living for many others.
Personally, 15 weeks on a ship would be more than I could take. We have a limit of 2 weeks, anything more and we don't enjoy being away from family.

I understand from the link they left the ship and had a further 6 weeks on Hawaii - to recuperate perhaps!

  morddwyd 08:38 05 Dec 2009

On the basis of the article I don't see how the shipping company can be blamed for their ill-health and therefore their failure to enjoy their holiday.

There were accommodation problems, which were addressed, and therefore some inconvenience, but £22,000 worth?

  jack 09:12 05 Dec 2009

The accommodation on a cruise the less seaworthy it is.
High in the vessel- balconies and all- and those prone to travel sickness will certainly get it in such accommodation.
As an occasional cruiser I have always selected the lowest deck and inside- it is inevitably cheaper of course - but think of it- less motion- the accommodation is usually amidships- and the cabin is after all - simply somewhere to stow one bag and to lay ones head when exhaustion overtakes you from all the shipboard activities.
Balconies-Windows nah.
On my most recent trip my friend had level six cabin with large picture window- wonderful she said - the view- which was in fact the bottom of a lifeboat - huh !I was comfy enough in my cupboard with the launderette to my left and the engine room to my right.

  jack 09:26 05 Dec 2009

The glossy brochures of course sel the best accomodation at premium prices and the images aree displyed to tempt.
But as I said in my last post - its the cruise that counts - where you put your bag and lay ones head at the end of the day does not need a balcony
here is a pic of my humble abode betwixed engine and lauderette complete with my personal maid.
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  egapup 09:37 05 Dec 2009

Must be a banker or an MP to afford a holiday like the other half live.

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