Those Eyebrows Fascinate Me

  Bingalau 14:16 13 Mar 2008

I'm talking about our chancellor Mr Darling. How come he's got jet black eyebrows and hair as pure white as the driven snow? Every time I see him on the TV I'm trying to guess does he whiten his hair or blacken his eyebrows. My guess is he blackens his eyebrows.

  crosstrainer 14:19 13 Mar 2008

I could not agree more....

Trust, (or perhaps lack of) springs to mind?

  Clapton is God 14:28 13 Mar 2008

And I notice that, in the budget, he didn't increase the rate of tax payable on hair/eyebrow dye.

  Noldi 14:36 13 Mar 2008

I recon he’s seen a ghost, turned his hair white.


  barca1 15:57 13 Mar 2008

Nah guy's you got it all wrong its a sign of MADNESS.!!!,looool

  Kemistri 16:10 13 Mar 2008

It's all natural, so we are assured. Which makes more sense, really; no one in their right mind would aim for that look deliberately.

Whenever I see him in the media, he reminds me of Phil Leotardo, the Sopranos character. Got the same white rug/black eyebrows thing going on.

  Bingalau 16:17 13 Mar 2008

Nothing natural about those eyebrows, they are far too black. I think they are stick on ones borrowed from one of the Marx Brothers. Or maybe he uses Cherry Blossom boot polish. He never put any more tax on that did he?

  BT 17:19 13 Mar 2008

Could be a couple of balck hairy caterpillars!

  sunny staines 17:20 13 Mar 2008

its where gordon insets the puppet strings, its black tape not eye brows.

  Grey Goo 19:53 13 Mar 2008

I think he is the product of genetic engineering. I also believe that a mistake occured and Skunk genes were injected into the embryo in a mix up at the Government laboratory that produce these hybrids. It's a little known fact that he does a party piece that will surprise you.

  laurie53 20:21 13 Mar 2008

Skunk genes?

Possession with intent to modify?

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