Those 0870 call days could be numbered at last!

  TOPCAT® 01:06 20 Apr 2006

Well, not quite yet but Ofcom have decreed that owners of these numbers will be obliged, by 2008, to reduce their call charges to the same or less than BT's going rate. About time too I reckon and hopefully the move will help hasten their demise forever ! TC.


"If providers wish to charge more for 0870 calls, then they will have to announce the charges at the beginning of the call without charging punters a penny for hearing the recorded message. Even though Ofcom has acknowledged that it is aware of "consumer concerns about the cost of calling [0870] voice services" the proposals won't come into effect until 2008. Part of this delay is to give telcos and other operators time to make the necessary changes."

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  Taff™ 01:23 20 Apr 2006

0870 means "cost" - I`d never call a number that started with this. The problem is that most people don`t know that it is going to cost them so I agree with the decision.

When I go to a hole in the wall I want to be told that I`m going to pay (£1.50) for the privelidge. I can then make a choice.

  g0slp 08:14 20 Apr 2006

About time too.

In case anyone doesn't know about it, click here is a very useful site. I understand that some of the companies involved have got VERY upset with the site's existence.


  Prof Jones 09:18 20 Apr 2006

Suggest you try this site click here we can give you the local numbers for these 0870 numbers instead.

  Prof Jones 09:19 20 Apr 2006

should be click here

  spuds 11:54 20 Apr 2006

The annoying thing about the 0870 system, is when you use it, and are constantly told that "your call is important" to the company. After twenty minutes or more (at your expense) of being told that, and listening to other things, the pleasures of life tends to go out of the window, and rage sets in.

My solution: After perhaps a maximum of three minutes, the call should revert to the 0800 system. This will then make companies offer a genuine better customer care.

  anchor 12:43 20 Apr 2006

What a long time to wait for the change; 2008 indeed!. Surely the change could be made before then.

I often use the useful link given above for geographical numbers to companies. I just ask to be put through to the appropriate department.

I have 3000 minutes/month of free calls to ordinary numbers, (but this excludes 0870 and 0845 ones), and object to paying more.

  johndrew 15:38 20 Apr 2006

...this has at last been taken seriously. I object strongly for paying for a service twice.

For example, I pay for my gas but if I `phone the supplier (an 0870 number), because price increases require me to increase my direct debit, it costs me to give them more money. I do need to `phone them as they would allow the debt to grow large and then hit me with a greater increase than otherwise would be necessary.

Even doctors` surgeries have been getting in on the act and using 0870 numbers for appointments. It is a bit steep when they already get paid for the service through the NHS.

Good on the regulator, I say, but perhaps more promt action would have attracted a greater accolade.

  Wilham 15:50 20 Apr 2006

Yesterday I wanted to ring my NatWest bank. I looked it up in the local Thomson directory and found an 0870, and shared by branches elsewhere. Tried the BT book and again found a batch no., this time 0845.

In future I won't bother with Thomson.

  pj123 16:02 20 Apr 2006

I always thought that the standard peak time rate for BT phone calls was 8p a minute anyway, which is the same as 0870 numbers.

I am on NTL cable phone and peak time calls are 3p, Cheap evening weekday calls are 2p and weekend/bank holiday calls are 1p per minute.

I have an 0870 fax number so it would cost 8p minimum to send me a 1 page A4 fax. An awful lot cheaper that sending by snailmail 32p for first class mail or 23p by second class mail???

Not sure why anchor's 0845 numbers are excluded as these are classed as "lo-call" numbers (same rate as a local call).

  Dizzy Bob 16:25 20 Apr 2006

If companies lose this revenue stream, the costs will simply be lumped on somewhere else, or costs will be cut accordingly.

For Instance,
you may find your call is cheaper, but there are less people available to take your call resulting in longer wait times.

Sorry if I seem a little cynical!


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