Thomas the Tank great CGI

  Dragon_Heart 01:24 15 Dec 2010

Our son has been off school with the snow and now a sore throat so we watch the cartoons etc. on TV.

I was always a big fan of Thomas as a child and so is our son. We were watching the new CGI Thomas about a giraffe being taken to the safari park. The movement of the giraffe was very lifelike as was the cows in the field, even down to the point of their rolling action when they lay down.

Great CGI for 'just' a child's cartoon.

  peter99co 09:00 15 Dec 2010

No point in half measures. Quality sells.

  wolfie3000 10:09 15 Dec 2010

Looks bloody awful, prefer the original Thomas.
The cgi doesn't look that great either.

What was wrong with the original, why do they have to ruin it in this way.

Another childhood memory spoilt. :(

  Dragon_Heart 19:48 15 Dec 2010

Thomas could have passed away with the book.

"What was wrong with the original, why do they have to ruin it in this way" Nothing was wrong with the original but the models and sets were all hand made in about 'O' scale ( model train buffs will know what I mean ) very skilled and expensive work ( why do you think they had so many snow scenes ). Things change over time, the series is not for grown ups wanting to look back with nostalgia but children new to the stories

The CGI IS very lifelike. Or do you prefer the plate sized eyes of the Japanese cartoons ?

I stand by my original post

  wolfie3000 00:43 16 Dec 2010

An anime version of Thomas, interesting concept, but he would probably transform into a city sized robot when the aliens come to take over the city.

Thomas the Mech engine, lol.

  Big L 266 10:31 16 Dec 2010


I love T The T and all his little friends best when they used '0' guage 'real' trains, carriages and trucks etc. There was something magic about these real miniature trains that the cgi versions don't convey sadly. (I'm not against cgi ok!!) It reminds me of a time when I was young and had my train sets not unlike the T The T ones.

My favourite character is the 'Controller' some episodes he's the 'Fat Controller' and others he's the 'Thin Controller'. I guess he's got a weight problem that goes up and down like the rest of us! Mrs. Topham Hatt must be making him too many sandwiches!

Toot toot!

Big L 266

  Dragon_Heart 15:42 16 Dec 2010

The Thin Controller is Mr Percival the controller of the narrow guage loco's

  Big L 266 17:16 16 Dec 2010


D_H....I blame it on my 'fibro fog' D_H!

Big L 266

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