Thinking of the future.

  wolfie3000 21:50 06 May 2008

WE have all seen programs about what the world and technology will be like in say 20 to 50 years time, but what about in a few thousand years time?

Thinking back a few thousand years we pretty much had limited technology, many cultures had different gods/religions and compared to today it was a very different place.

So what are your predictions for the world in a few thousand years time?

Im guessing most will say the human race is on the decline and we are all doomed but please try to make your predictions more positive.

Will we discover the secrets of inter stella travel?

Will the human race unify under one religion?
Will the secrets of the universe be unlocked and if so what will this mean for us?

  peter99co 22:10 06 May 2008

I read somewhere that the map of earth would be devided into bands from the poles down and the centre band around the equator would be to hot to live.As the bands moved north or south we would grow things and at the more temporate bands we would all live as a single community. There would be only a northern or southern government and no separate countries. The arctic and antarctic regions would be used to store food as giant refrigerators.The population would have accepted controls to prevent overcrowding. None of this would happen until after many conflicts had proved to be so destructive that a central control formed of many countries representatives had been set-up. Peace was in the end, the only way that we would survive. But at what cost?

  Forum Editor 23:00 06 May 2008

"Will we discover the secrets of inter stella travel?"

Well, we've discovered one of them now - we can easily send un-manned craft out of our solar system. If you mean will we see manned flights to other star systems? I think the answer is going to be 'no'.

"Will the human race unify under one religion?"

No - it hasn't happened yet, why should it happen then?

"Will the secrets of the universe be unlocked....."

If you mean will we understand more about the universe, of course we will, and we won't have to wait a few thousand years. There will soon be a new version of the Hubble telescope that will be sited several million miles out in space, and that will give us a far better view of what's out there. The problem is, as soon as you understand one more thing about the universe you realise that there's a whole lot more that you don't have a clue about - the more we know the more we realise we don't know.

In a few thousand years time the world will be a very different place in several ways, and we can't predict all of them. It's a pretty pointless exercise trying in any case - none of us will know whether we were right or not.

  Blackhat 23:33 06 May 2008

If you are seriously interested in what might be in a few thousand years someone has done a very good job of writing about it. I recommend you spend some time reading some of Isaac Asimov’s classics such as the Foundation Series, Caves of Steel, Naked Sun, Pebble in the sky, Earth is room enough, The currents of space etc.

Most modern Sci Fi writers regard Asimov as the greatest visionary of the future.

So much fiction he wrote about 50+ years ago is now fact that his writing inspires so many today.

I am an Asimov nut so slightly biased but the same can be said for many modern thinkers, I also have an original NASA photograph hanging on my lounge wall of Schmitt standing beside the USA flag on the Moon at Apollo 17 landing site signed by Asimov with the inscription ‘Science fiction becomes science fact’

  wolfie3000 00:53 07 May 2008

Your right FE that it is futile to predict what the world and the people on it will be like in a few thousand years but as Blackhat has pointed out it doesnt stop people from trying,

Issac Asimov could be called a visionary as could Arthur C Clarke, (read 3001)

We have no way of knowing how the future will turn out, just like the people of the past,

If you showed a person from 2000 years back a mobile phone or a computer they would have thought of them as impossible and this is my point,

Whos to say that in 2000 years time we cant fly a human to another star system or have cured every disease.

maybe in the future mankind will ultimately reject technology and seek a more enlightent state of mind.

Maybe mankind will get to a point with technology that we become some human cyborg race, having our minds fussed with the technology we develop.

Mankind has always sought after a higher state of consciousness, maybe we in the future will find it through technology.

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