Think you've got a spam problem?

  powerless 00:42 19 Nov 2004

Think of Bill first.

click here

  Brian-336451 09:34 19 Nov 2004

Why would he need anything longer . . . he has the ultimate aphrodisiac, virtually boundless wealth.

He has more in his current account and the poor fellow who can't get it out of Nigeria.

He doesn't need to buy Microsoft software at the 'cheapest price on the net'.

He doesn't need to refill his inkjet cartridges.

He also doesn't need to buy relaxation tablets online - he just buys the competitors and removes stress that way.

I'm sure I've missed a few, but now subscribe to Spamarrest, which does for me, what a WHOLE department does for Bill.

The only difference really between Bill and me is: success oh and wealth, oh there is location, location location etc (acknowledgement to Monty Python, Life of Brian, what did the Romans do for us sketch)

  end 00:01 20 Nov 2004

boundless wealth does not give you true happiness;
he probably uses laser printer

and, if he has that much spam each day.....loads of free lunches all round


another way of looking at the "problem"??

no. my spam problem is quite reasonable as someone else is getting it all and someone else is being paid to chop it all up::)))

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