Think-tank says 'downgrade Christmas'

  Quiller. 15:31 01 Nov 2007

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So what will we have, December bank holidays instead? Or just 3 more normal working days.

On the other hand if we celebrate more multi-cultural faiths, do we get extra holidays off?

  newman35 15:38 01 Nov 2007

Looks like we need a 'Jim Hacker' to mount a "Hands off our British Christmas" campaign.

  Trackrat 15:40 01 Nov 2007

It really annoys me, why in a mainly chritian country should we rename our christian festivals to suit ethnic minoroties?.
If we went to there countries and said we want to change the name of your religious festivals as they offend our religion, we would be booted out or shot.
This is just another example of the nanny state gone mad.

  MrBen CI:-) 15:41 01 Nov 2007

Lets not go up set any ethnic minorites then like Christians.
The PC brigade have gone mad!

  ventanas 16:03 01 Nov 2007

Interesting to see how long this thread lasts.
Remember it's only the opinion of a few people who have nothing better to do than think. It's not government policy, nor in my view is it likely to be. I believe that the vast majority of the ethnic population would be horrified at such a thing. And it would no doubt mean that their festivals would have to be renamed as well. I can envisage such a backlash should anyone seriously try to impose this that it would probably be political suicide.

But in all seriousness how many of us actually celebrate the religious side of Christmas these days.

  anskyber 16:03 01 Nov 2007

The true test of the sincerity of so called christians is attendance at church, otherwise it's all armchair pontificating. (no pun intended)

Since only 6% of the UK population goes to church there is little or no argument for calling the UK christian other than as a result of the adopted state religion.

Christianity is all but dead in this country.

  Earthsea 16:11 01 Nov 2007

The title of this thread is taken a little out of context. The think-tank has simply suggested that other religious festivals should be given as much publicity as Christmas, which I think is a good idea.

It doesn't mean we have to celebrate them, just be aware of them. This would help prevent any 'offence' being caused by the amount of publicity Christmas gets, and things like putting up decorations, which is just silly. A religious festival being celebrated should be nothing to be offended by.

  J B 16:24 01 Nov 2007

This so called think tank can take their thoughts and stick them where the sun doesn't shine in my opinion. This is lunacy of the first order and and should be regarded as such. No matter what religion a person is they are entitled to practice that religion and to celebrate relevant festivals as well as their beliefs. It is not the job of some irrelevant organization to tell people what or what not to think. J.B.

  Totally-braindead 16:38 01 Nov 2007

Another example of how this country has gone mad in my opinion. They go on about discrimination all the time and thats good and well but surely it should be the same for all. In this country at least it isn't. I remember earlier in the year a girl at a secondary school was ordered to remove her cross as it might cause offence to other religions. Now come on thats surely discrimination against Christians but you don't see people up in arms about that. But if it was something about a Moslem or another religion being told they could not wear something about their religion you can imagine the riot that would ensue.

If I go to another country with different religious beliefs then I moderate my dress etc to fit in with their culture. I do not expect the entire country to change to suit me.

I am not being racist when I say this but I'm sure someone will think I am. If you come into this country then you should adapt to the country not the other way about, if you don't like it leave and go back to your own country. You can have your own beliefs etc but don't expect everyone else to alter their beliefs just to suit you.

  ventanas 16:50 01 Nov 2007

Agree with you entirely.

  Marko797 16:54 01 Nov 2007

t'is madness, but in this PC climate, not all that unexpected.

In this country, we seem to be more concerned with appeasing minority groups & taking ludicrous steps to avoid what *might* be perceived as being offensive, rather than celebrating our own identity, traditions & beliefs.

I'm sure if you were to ask members of ethnic groups, they might agree that it is ludicrous too.

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